Decibel Magazine’s newfangled issue focal points on Nails

July will bring us a fresh, contemporary issue of Decibel Magazine which lineaments Californian-based power violence Nails as the front cover. Nevertheless, the June 2016 edition, most respectively the #140 issue of this somehow extreme music publication, also merits some exceptional attention as it highlights the Sherbrooke, Quebec-based, Canadian technical death metal act, Gorguts.

Revolver Magazine new issue on the newsstands, April 5th

Revolver Magazine new issue features Zakk Wylde on the front cover, which in its pages will be talking about his first solo album after twenty years of waiting. It seems quite promising if we take into consideration that lately, Revolver Magazine has diversified their content and approached more the mainstream other than the hard rockers we so much enjoy to read about. The new issue is scheduled to hit the newsstands on April 5th.

This month’s Gothic & Amazing Magazine and High Fashion

The German publishing house responsible for the Gothic & Amazing Magazine just announced the publishing of their March issue, and their sixth so far, with emphasis on special care to the Goth High Fashion. Their newest issue is available on Magcloud on both digital and paper versions, featuring a beautiful front cover illustrated by a photograph of model Mary Grace Almera Dela Peña, which is currently living in Denmark.

Lividity Magazine premieres issue on gothic arts

If you are eager for a fresh, artsy and ladylike magazine to follow, today you are in luck. Lividity Magazine is and has been published and it amalgamates gothic fashion with the arts, music and culture. The magazine, however, offers more than just breathtaking photographs illustrating its pages as their primary goal is to give you a closer look at the brilliant minds that fuel the fashion and art communities with a beautiful landscape of photographs to help along the way.

Decibel Magazine publishes doom devoted special issue

During my diurnal yet diversified activities, I came across with some interesting news regarding the brand new and special issue of United States extreme metal publication, Decibel Magazine. A special collector’s edition featuring in-depth insights, a praising homage to the doom metal odyssey, forethought oversights carefully represented in printed words and confident illustrations that may aback while they taunt the top 100 doom metal albums of all time.

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