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Kariwa to bestow their novel video ‘Metal-É’, this Friday

When you grew up in a country with such diverse cultural roots, it would seem almost impossible not to turn to them for inspiration. Kariwa, an emerging band from the highlands of Colombia, turned their in our pre-columbine heritage, more accurately, in the deep rain forest of the Amazon and Orinoco river Basin. This Friday, Kariwa will release the video for their first single called ‘Metal-É’ at Acido Bar in Bogotá, Colombia.


Devilskin rock out with new video, ‘Never See The Light’

Devilskin is a four-piece band from Hamilton, New Zealand formed in June 2010. The band features Jennie Skulander on vocals, and ‘Never See The Light’ is their newest single, a roller coaster of a song, the powerful driving bass riff at the beginning is a portent to the emotive dynamism the song has. It is truculent, compelling and gripping. The message and the intensity behind ‘Never See The Light’  are very dear to Devilskin’s hearts.


Katatonia to embrace ‘The Fall Of Hearts’ with trailer

The Swedish profoundly saddened nostalgic contours of dark progressive metal with a melancholic rock vibe arouse yielding the mastery of Katatonia, who have lately unveiled furthermore details of their tenth studio album, entitled ‘The Fall Of Hearts’ which is due for release on May 20th, through British long-standing record company, Peaceville Records. Adjacent to the details of their upcoming release, the Swedish also published a new video, trailing the album as well as the official tracklisting.

rob zombie

Rob Zombie finished his next psychedelic-driven video

As Rob Zombie’s fans should know, the releasing of his ‘The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser’ is approaching and what other thing a visual man like Rob Zombie himself can do to prepare his audience for what is still to come if not releasing singles as videos. We already saw the first single ‘Well, Everybody’s F–king in a U.F.O.’ where many boundaries were crossed rather tastefully as the ‘House Of 1000 Corpses’ director has already got us used to. Now, via his official Facebook page, Rob Zombie announced the end of the taping face for the release of the second single of his sixth full-length studio album which will see the light of day on April 29th via UMe/T-Boy Records.

fields of the niphelim

Fields Of The Nephilim returns with a ‘Prophecy’

Through the years, we have been patiently awaiting any novelty regarding British gothic rockers Fields Of The Nephilim, ever since the exhilarating rumours of fresh material emerging on social media last year. We all know what a perfectionist frontman Carl McCoy is when it comes to his music, and that is only right and proper, because having followed these musicians for over thirty years, and we all know that Fields Of Nephilim are much more than just music, they execute a representation of elegant overtones carefully painted in sonorous scales.

Anthrax streams fleshy single, ‘Blood Eagle Wings’

Anthrax with Joey Belladonna brings memories of all the good old times the thrash band created in the midst of mixture of New York between metal and hardcore, and for most of us, those are happy times. After Anthrax’ reunion with this epic singer at the beginning of this decade, it was to expect that Anthrax would get back to track to release music more often, and now they bring their 11th full-length album ‘For All Kings’ to us, introducing their first single ‘Blood Eagle Wings’ with a rather bloody video which you can watch below.

all that remains 529e9f5f68600

All That Remains releases second single, ‘Victory Lap’

All That Remains is one of those bands that fight against being labeled as any particular metal genre and rather call themselves a metal band. This time, mixing different melodic influences in their latest album ‘The Order Of Things’, the band releases the video for ‘Victory Lap’, the second video release from the album where they show how important live performances are to them and how they make music.

Thyrgrim Dark Troll 2016 01

Thyrgrim releases live footage while invading studio

German black metallers Thyrgrim, before this time known as Kältetot from 2004 to 2005, are arranging to enter the studio this June to record the successor to last year’s ‘Erwachen’. They have reserved the studio for the period of two weeks to record their fifth album, which until date remains untitled.

At The Gates

At The Gates to live broadcast House Of Blues concert

Swedish melodic death metal act At The Gates are currently planning to broadcast via live streaming their forthcoming concert on Monday, April 6th via Yahoo! Music directly from the infamous House Of Blues in Chicago, this while engaging on a triumphant revival road trip alongside American hardcore punkers Converge, doom masters Pallbearer, and British label-mates Vallenfyre. The concert will take place in Chicago as aforementioned, and has been declared as a very special live stream audit to be exclusively held by Yahoo! Music.


Moonspell delivers self-titled single for ‘Extinct’

Moonspell seems to go farther into the expression of the human emotion and inexorable feel of loss and decay, and with this forthcoming album ‘Extinct’ the band goes on to a whole new level with it, showed clearly in the recently released single that gives the name to the album through Decibel Magazine.

Carach Angren photo Bart Heemskerk 4

Carach Angren unique lyrical single, ‘This Is No Fairytale’

With a theatrical aesthetic of their own, Netherlands orchestral yet horrid trio Carach Angren masterfully stand-out from other-alike symphonic metal acts by relinquishing a prominent use of neo-orchestral arrangements drawn from their musical compositions and visually deadly decompositional portraits.


Sylosis’ details ‘Dormant Heart’ album and single

British modern progressive melodic death trashing metallers Sylosis will be releasing their much anticipated fourth studio record, ‘Dormant Heart’ at the beginning of next year, on January 12th in the United Kingdom, January 13th in North America and January 16th, 2015 at a worldwide scale via Nuclear Blast Records, the record company to which they signed in 2007.


Triptykon obscure ‘Tree Of Suffocating Souls’ single

For those still unfamiliar with Triptykon, this Swiss quartet is under the capable hands and mastermind of the imponent personality of Thomas Gabriel Fischer (better known as Tom G. Warrior), the once outspoken and charismatic leader of mythical enshadowed undergrounders Celtic Frost. Besides his remarkable musical career, he was also deeply involved in Hellhammer and Apollyon Sun, acts which he is no longer actively participating.

our last enemy

Our Last Enemy lycanthropic ‘Wolves Of Perigord’ single

This is the first time I got to hear from Eclipse Records, however, it is not the same case for Australian metallers Our Last Enemy. If you reckon, they were featured in our pages as well as on our radio station amid 2012, their frontman Oliver Fogwell was interviewed and kindly provided us with an audio jingle for one of our shows.

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