Neo-Victorian Tattooing in a Most Sincere Fashion, Darker and Richer

Neo-Victorian Tattooing in a Most Sincere Fashion, Darker and Richer

As the popularity of Victorian iconographies grew, it is unsurprising that the trend would be reflected in tattoo habits, and yet it is striking that neo-Victorianism manifests itself in tattooing not as a revival of Victorian tattoo practices, but in a reflection of what might loosely be called a Victorian “mood” in wider visual culture.

Maori tattoo

Archaeologists unearth 3,000-year-old Obsidian tattoo

Australian archaeologists have examined prehistoric obsidian tools from the Nanngu site in the Solomon Islands and have determined they may have been used for tattooing people. The 3,000-year-old chips of glass-like volcanic rock have residues of ochre, charcoal and blood and traces of wear that the researchers replicated by using other pieces of obsidian to make tattoos on the pigskin.

Blackwork tattoo

The beauty in the abstraction of blackwork tattoos

There are different ways to tell a story through your skin; orally, where you say it to people you know, through writing, where you create books or simple journals you can get back to and read anytime and through social media, which of course is probably the most popular these days where you share what is happening to you via your social media accounts and finally through art, where imagination is important to relay your story. One form of art that lets you tell your tales is a tattoo.

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