"Love your monster in horror, ethics, excess and paradise..."

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"Love your monster in horror, ethics, excess and paradise..."
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¿Las Brujas crean Arte o el Arte crea Bujas? Conference

¿Las Brujas crean Arte o el Arte crea Bujas? Conference

Art as a weapon to denounce and to canalise the anger generated through the years should be used to unite women against the concept of rivalry among themselves. A rivalry created centuries ago to create vulnerable women, not allowing them to gather in covens used as information and witchcraft systems for feminine revolution

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The latest incarnation of the vampire — in the conspiracy theories of David Icke — reveals the critical, revolutionary heart of the vampire legend. Discourse on the vampire appears above all to provide a structure of dissent, a metaphorical means of representing and soliciting critiques of the social order.

The Anunnaki form of the vampire — in its immersion in the constellation of contemporary conspiracy theories, in its reflection on global capitalism, and in its blurring of historical and fictional narratives — has moved this structure of dissent from the cloak of darkness to the light of day.

The Anunnaki, whose name is Sumerian, meaning “[t]hose who from Heaven to Earth Came” (Icke 5), refer to a reptilian race that originated from the legendary planet known as Nibiru (Planet X), or the place of the crossing, which has a 3,600 year elliptical orbit that takes it between Jupiter and Mars and then out into space.

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The Dark Tourism Phenomenon

The most haunting places to visit in Europe

Europe has several locations noteworthy of a reliable overview of the eerie, and wicked that lurks through haunted forests to bone churches and torture museums and beyond

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