“Unearthing the truth and historical facts behind fears...”

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“Unearthing the truth and historical facts behind fears...”
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Black Metal Traditional Connection with LaVeyan Satanism

Black Metal Traditional Connection with LaVeyan Satanism

Since those opposing Satanism have been beguiled by the horror stories promoted in popular culture and have been less inclined actually to study Satanism, they have created a particular image of Satanism that is often at odds with the reality

Demons, Devils and Witches: The Occult in Heavy Metal Music

Demons, Devils and Witches: The Occult in Heavy Metal Music

This article investigates the association of heavy metal music with Satanism and the occult, tracing its lineage from American blues to the British Blues Boom of the 1960s to the beginnings of heavy metal in the late 1960s to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal that emerged in the 1970s

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