“When the Greatest Viking History and Myth Intermingle...”

Greatest Viking History

“When the Greatest Viking History and Myth Intermingle...”
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Demons, Devils and Witches: The Occult in Heavy Metal Music

Demons, Devils and Witches: The Occult in Heavy Metal Music

This article investigates the association of heavy metal music with Satanism and the occult, tracing its lineage from American blues to the British Blues Boom of the 1960s to the beginnings of heavy metal in the late 1960s to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal that emerged in the 1970s

History of Traditional Folk Metal and the Circle of Influence

History of Traditional Folk Metal and the Circle of Influence

The primary focus of this article is to correlate the traditional folk music from different countries around the world to contemporary folk metal bands, to substantiate a link between historical, cultural heritage to the progressive qualities of bands in the sub-genre of folk metal

Extreme Death Metal as Purveyors of Modern Escapism

Extreme Death Metal as Purveyors of Modern Escapism

Although there certainly exist some Death Metal songs, and parts of songs, which exhibit what might be considered comparatively moderate or slow tempos, Death Metal is predominantly an extremely fast and aggressive style of music

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Terra Tenebrosa’s debut exhibition at Sin Espacio in Cali

Earthy, gloomy, mysterious, dark, and enchanting. All those sentiments can be gathered from both the shallow and deep ends of the Earth, it can be warm as it can be cold. It can hold life as it holds death. As a concept, earth or “Terra” as it is named in Latin, holds a fascination that few people are able to explore head on, let alone in an artistic way. To cast the magnificence, the complexity that the realm of earth can hold, artists of the odd and strange gathered to make a collective exhibition called Terra Tenebrosa at Sin Espacio gallery in Cali which was held from August 12th to 23rd.

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