The beauty in the abstraction of blackwork tattoos

Lynn Pryde
Lynn Pryde

There are different ways to tell a story through your skin; orally, where you say it to people you know, through writing, where you create books or simple journals you can get back to and read anytime and through social media, which of course is probably the most popular these days where you share what is happening to you via your social media accounts and finally through art, where imagination is important to relay your story. One form of art that lets you tell your tales is a tattoo.

Tattoos, in all fairness, are not that much accepted by quite a lot of personages. There are always misunderstandings with having drugs such as you are an ex-convict or a drug addict or just generally a good-for-nothing. People will not stand and listen or think about what you and your tattoos have to say. They would stop to criticize you and your way of storytelling. But the thing is, what and who you are is not and should not be ignoble on your preference to have tattoos. It comes deep within you. So again, these are simply misconceptions. To actually prove that, get that tattoo and let your actions speak for you.

Each tattoo has a clear story. There is the endless symbolism of tattoos. There are tattoos etched on your skin as a reminder of what you have gone through, what challenges you have overcome or what memories you want to go back to. Tattoos could also serve as your proof of undying love for someone. Since it is perpetual, it would mean you will always be proud to have them in your life. Some tattoos are symbols for movements like the semi-colon tattoo movement that is for people with mental health problems. Your tattoo could depend on these things, or it could be entirely based on what you think it should represent.

Any portion of your body could be a canvas for a tattoo. It could depend entirely on you; on whether you want it hidden or not. The size and the design could also be factors where you will place a tattoo. If you are not really into pain (because tattoos will surely earn you some wincing moments especially when it is your first time), there are parts you can choose that would not be as painful as the rest. One of these parts is the calf.

Calves are habitually a fatty area and this will help you feel less pain than in other places. Other benefits of putting a tattoo here is that it is elongated. You can do whatever design or story you want. If you are the type of person that wants to flaunt your tattoos, it is perfect as you can simply wear shorts and it would be revealed for the world to see. If there are times you would rather hide it, pants are always there for you. Besides, it has become a great fashion add-on. No need to wear funky stockings (usually for girls) as this could give your look an accent.

You can put a tattoo design of a dwelling, a temple or any magnificent building you have always dreamed of visiting or you have visited and always wanted to remember. In this tattoo, it is placed on the backside and on both calves for a complete picture.

Blackwork tattoo
Blackwork tattoo

A rose tattoo generally symbolizes love and passion. Concerning how the tattoo looks, it becomes extraordinarily beautiful with the vibrant color. Meanwhile, flowers have different meanings. Each one could interpret a part of your personality. So study for those flowers that can help you express who you are.

Blackwork Rose Tattoo
Blackwork Rose Tattoo

Mandala tattoos, beyond the elegance of the design, is also a symbol for unity, completeness, and eternity. However, it is very versatile in both meaning that you can give it its own meaning as well as in design.

Blackwork Mandala Tattoo
Blackwork Mandala Tattoo

If conceivably you have knowledge of tribal languages or you are a descendant of one, these kinds of tattoos are best for you. It could tell your story with merit.

Blackwork Tribal Tattoo
Blackwork Tribal Tattoo

Here is a wonderful and eye-soothing geometric tattoo design for people who just want to share art and its unusual forms.

Blackwork Geometric Tattoo
Blackwork Geometric Tattoo

A magnificently done wolf tattoo. Wolves could either be good or bad depending on who is viewing it and the tradition of the people. But usually, it is a sign of being vigorous and noble.

Blackwork Wolf Tattoo
Blackwork Wolf Tattoo

Angel tattoos have a wide variety of meanings to choose from. It could mean differently when a woman has it to that of a man. For example, it is usually calmness and serenity for women while it is more spiritual for men. Nonetheless, it could mean protection and love as well.

Birds as tattoos are ordinarily a sign of freedom just as what the quote relays.

Blackwork Bird Tattoo
Blackwork Bird Tattoo

Skull tattoos are mostly linked to death; but it could also imply life or the cycle of life. And the great thing about calf designs is that you can create one big design and divide it into two so both your calves could have equal sides of one picture.

Abstract designs are one of the best ways to tell a story in an imaginative way. The story can vary for every person that looks at it which makes it a good way to keep everyone guessing. In addition, it is a great design to look at. The design may look ingenuous, and it might not tell something at all. Then again, the story could depend on you. But simple as it may be, the details into making this tattoo is amazing, and it has a somewhat soothing effect for the eyes.

Blackwork Abstract Tattoo
Blackwork Abstract Tattoo

In symbolism, tattoos could mean spirituality. Or of course, it could simply mean beauty and energy.

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