Participants of the Wave-Gotik-Treffen certainly dressed to the festival.

The modern biases of Gothic in contemporary expressionism

In a field of study as well-established as the Gothic, it is surprising how much contention there is over precisely what that term refers to. Is Gothic a genre, for instance, or a mode? Should it be only applicable to literary and film texts that deal with tropes of haunting and trauma set in a gloomy atmosphere, or might it meaningfully be applied to other cultural forms of production, such as music or animation? Can television shows aimed at children be considered Gothic? What about food? When is something “Gothic” and when is it “horror”? Is there even a difference?


The Gothic is a Lazarus Experiment yet unwritten

In the previous blog post, I took a thorough look at contemporary gothic fashion designers to follow. However, this week I have decided to evaluate Dickens’ reworking of the parable of the Rich Man and The Lazarus Experiment in his A Christmas Carol.


Seven contemporary gothic fashion designers to follow

For countless years, Gothic had a reasonable outlay of places to purchase their darkwear. Hot Topic and Lip Service were hardly two of the houses that sold affordably, fundamental clothing for gothic who wanted to dance to Ministry on the weekends. But in 2016, Gothics have a wondrous world of exquisite designer clothing that exists on the fringes of fashion, a place that mirrors their position within culture as a whole.

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