Six Alternative Goth Fashion Blogs to Follow

Connie Marchal

Connie Marchal

Hello, it is time to welcome you to my dark toned hidden world, GothBleak. To begin, I must admit that I am not that good with fashion. I can tell you who my favourite designers are and know which aesthetics I like to wear (black, layered and draped) but I am perpetually inspired to get fashion advice or tips from fashionistas who do know about vogue.

I mentioned my favourite fashion blogs FAIIINT and Hyper Stylized (previously known as Ange Deforme) numerous times now abroad and thought it was time to share some more.

These six captivating alternative gothic fashion blogs are among my preferences.

Bones & Lilies

Bones & Lilies is the fashion blog of Karoliina Korppoo from Finland.

Karoliina Korppoo rocks her black outfits with her amazing bright pink hair. I adore how she dresses up for parties (and applies gorgeous make-up) but above all, cherish her more comfy, at-home outfits. Her simplistic style is layered and black but always with a fashionable twist.

If you are not already following her on Bloglovin make sure to do so: she has a few lovable cute cats as well.

Karoliina Korppoo from Bones & Lilies
Karoliina Korppoo from Bones & Lilies

Adele Psych

Adele Psych is one-of-a-kind: I have never thought I would follow a fashion blog featuring many of panther prints, latex, and patent leather. Yet I do.

Adele Psych has a high eighties Goth-vibe, her outfits look like a lot of enjoyment.

Next to her blog Adele Psych also has her own fashion label, so make sure to check out her online store if you like her style.

You can stay up to date on Adele Psych’s adventures by following her on Facebook or Instagram.

Adele Psych
Adele Psych

Desperate Hell

Another beauty from Finland, Susanna Maria from Desperate Hell could easily be an alternative model.

Maybe not as extravagant as earlier mentioned Adele Psych, but I still love her more due to her genuine insights into the ready-to-wear approach to fashion.

Always manageable, yet stylish, Susanna Maria has excellent taste. You can follow Susanna Maria on Instagram if you like to stay up to date.

Susanna Maria from Desperate Hell
Susanna Maria from Desperate Hell

Olivia Emily

I am sure she gets weary of hearing it, but to me, Oliva Emily looks like a rock-chick version of Game of Thrones favorite Sansa Stark.

With her gorgeous pale skin and red hair she is charming, and she picks a lot of outfits.

I also truly like her writing style, she comes across as a very sweet girl with a bold taste in fashion.

Feeling Vague

You would never think that green lipstick would seem flattering on anyone, would you? Well, it does, and Amber Dennett from Feeling Vague is living proof. Amber Dennett’s style contrasts quite a lot with my own, but I admire how she makes everything she wears look enjoyable.

Amber Dennett
Amber Dennett

The Walrus Room

Sary Walrus from The Walrus Room is one of my freshest fashion blog discoveries.

I read through her older posts when I started following her and enjoyed seeing how her style evolved from a Goth Lolita style to the more alternative, punky style she shows in her latest posts.

I fancy how she speaks about hurdles in her fashion style, matching tips on wearing a kimono or her struggles with a tartan maxi skirt.

If you want to stay updated on Sary Walrus’s post make sure to like The Walrus Room on Facebook.

That is it for today, thanks for reading! What are your favorite fashion blogs? Feel free to share your suggestions, I always love to discover new talent. Have a nice weekend!

My endless gratitude to the crew behind this media. I have never worked before with such an outstanding group of individuals so faithful to their creed, that open-mindedly, granted me the opportunity to publish GothBleak in this space.

That is it for today, thank you very much for reading my first GothBleak article! And if I may ask, what are your favorite fashion blogs, magazines our online resources? Feel free to share your suggestions, remarks and insights in the comments section. I always relish discovering unusual talent.

From France, with love, have a big GothBleak-ish weekend!

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Catarina Elvira
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Dear Renzadonis,

We are glad you enjoyed some of the tattoos on the photographs.

You may refer to our tattooing section, which features plenty of tattoo articles that may be of your liking.

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