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Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

It has been a few months since I last examined another heavy metal news site, just the sheer curiosity as I am admittedly not quite an avid follower of other sources of the genre mostly due to boredom. Although, in my cybernetic journey I despair seeking for any useful information that I have not read beforehand, and in one of my searches I encountered what I considered to be a contradictory approbation. It was said that in today’s modern journalism, there is no practical need to express sentences or contextual interpretations in the particular way that I and a minority, subjectively have nurtured while representing ourselves throughout our writings.

The intended article I have read progressed with disdain and devious unprofessionalism toward an undivided quintessence of what real journalism should be, yet it went further by exposing it to a brazen absurdity for non-educational witty purposes, as the preponderance of their articles do I dare say. The authors said “professional journalism” devices pierced in a formula that many of us might see as minor diverting entertainment rather than a substantial collection of culturally oriented, educational erudition that should by all means, represent the seriousness of what is called real journalism. Tangible, rather hardened comprehension other than a myriad of lightly arranged paragraphs in which topics become attuned to the youthful, or so it seems, poorly written and lacking journalistic substance when news sources such as ours, should primordially incite a younger following of readers to be properly educated with accurate learning and a more intelligent vocabulary, this if we consider that metal aficionado’s are our everyday base of readership and they rather explore online for news other that truly purchase a publication specialized in such affairs.

If we take it into a shallow deliberation regarding this matter, and carefully ruling by their article, it gives the foreknowledge that said news source views extreme music lovers as non-educated selves, with a very diminished vocabulary and the inadequacy of articulated mental capacity to encompass what has been written, or read, which is far from deceptive.

The average and more engaging metal savant, if well overseen, is between twenty-five up to forty-five years old, which ensures faithfulness to their chosen news source, this if the topics do not resemble hundreds of others that at a periodic basis, unfortunately, are unchangeably confined to the republishing of indistinguishable news without a trace of personal modus operandi, and even by doing so, it persists as headlines promptly undertaken by date and time of entry, as “first come, first served”, which does not fundamentally mean “well served.”

The conventional and nostalgic game plan of “quantity over quality” does not utterly avail any of us, alternatively if billows as a leisure to cultivate the prominence of alleged news sources, frequently publishing and following up-close matters that with the quietus of days, points to becoming uneventful and over-saturating while rising in the abandon of such news, or fabricated chatterbox in most of the cases.

Heavy metal news sources as others such as bloggers, persistently opt by unrighteously publishing “facts without substantiation”, like a controversial article that manifests Colombian black metallers Inquisition as being Neo-Nazi supporters while citing a capricious source. Inquisition, for instance, are an act endowed by a Colombian native, therefore not entirely of wavelengths of light-colored skin per se, but rather of Latin descendants which proportionally makes the association to Neo-Nazism toward a citizen that has deep foundations tied to Colombian heritage, clearly exposes the lack of proper research, as real journalism entails, rather than fabricating sensationalism.

The freedom to write articles in a personal fashion, using an far-reaching vocabulary or not, solemnly relies on the tutelage that the writer has earned throughout his tuition and years of wisdom, and should not be inferred by lesser peers as it naturally progressed. Even if in the confrontation as it occurs often, the aim remains to be as informative and as cohesive as possible by detailing news in an orderly methodology. I dare say that the vulgarization of the English vocabulary nowadays has been raising some perpetual concerns, as articles are more often written by metal sources that persistently circumvent, or lack the skill to entwine the beauty of thought throughout a more metaphorical form of expressiveness as it was a common practice in the 1990’s, when we used to read fanzines that had more intellectual substance than modern press.

I firmly believe that whence a news source melodramatically defies the way others write by publishing a burlesque article merely to pinpoint the “uselessness” of anything other than their presupposed minimalism, they are in truth revealing their unconscious insecurities. They felt threatened otherwise such topic would not emerge on their pages, which clearly strengthens the position of others that see their content highly regarded by a loyal readership of people willing, and capable of comprehending and feeling comfortable with their intellect, safeguarded from the banalities and trivialism that sovereigns today’s press by copying and pasting content from others in a vicious, never-ending circle.

In truth, the option to be enlightened, and intellectually challenged through writing it is at the reader’s discretion, and should not be subjective by other press medias. It is at our best convenience to choose what to write and read, and how we wish to preserve our sanity in a world populated by insane statements and articulations laid in writing, that misinform us by decreasing our fragmented perception over the true facts that should be detailed when writing a news article, as an excellent example.

In sum, may it be politely educated or not, the refusal of hackneyed terms in writing does not numb the content at hand, in fact, it only enriches it as it becomes more of a challenge to write a proper article without the stereotyped insipid encouraged by other medias present on the same field as ours.

Either you are a writer, or a reader, opt by encouraging your brain cells to be persistently aroused by transiting beyond the boundaries inflicted by others, and most importantly, be a free thinker!

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