Unearthing the discrepancy of the extreme media press

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

Every year, hundreds of simultaneous media sources unearth in virtual designs and dejectedly skirmish the will to withstand through enmity. There is an unmistakable propensity penchant to sovereign above others. Nonetheless, the feasible discrepancy and unpractical methods prematurely neared while doing so, may not be reinforced throughout the demeanors chosen to harvest a noteworthy acceptance among the elder extreme media press hastily.

In truth, there is neither financial nor lifestyle sustainability in heavy metal extreme medias that justify the spawning of numerous blogs over the years, it only lessens the attention toward the same. If we carefully observe the paradigm of this immense panorama, the more widespread the scene develops regarding news sources, the more inferior deliberation will be taken from primary investors, most specifically advertising publishers.

Assuredly, many will quick start with a free webmail account and a blogging platform of their fondness. This before enlisting an acquaintance as a contributor and expeditiously theme the platform while slightly adjusting the overall feel and look of the fresh endeavour. There is conspicuous prosperity as the lashes of elaborating something technically demanding can be overlooked with unimpeded implements, safeguarding as well, the financial investment. Still, does it benefit the notoriety of a news source that aims to be respected and credible? The answer would be: no, it does not!

Honestly, the odds of obtaining a considerable amount of avid followers and constant contacts will be very slender, as the actions to salvage investment will not contribute to a reliable reputation. Dominant, large-scale industry companies pursue reliable and respectable news sources to publish their advertising, to attain their promotional packages and publish their press releases and premieres, not an array of ghost ships. A blog hosted on a lavish platform, using an open webmail address is by far, nowhere closer to a reputable news source. In fact, it cannot be hailed as a news portal as the quintessence remains envisioned in an encompassing blogging platform, therefore, sheltered under the thousands of other bloggers using the very same domination.

I am not by any midpoints, diminishing those that have little to invest in a platform that may contribute to their expansion. However; it will always look like a pleasurable pastime to those that oversee the music industry as professionals.

On the other hand, obtaining news and press releases from artists and record companies, although not a crucial strain, is relatively done with ease. Most have newsletters that can be delivered to the inbox, others such as admissible news sources, have feeds that could be imported to any news reader for instance. It allows huddling relevant daily news from numerous sources, allowing an editor to have an hourly mutability of content level-headed in a virtual library for further consultation. However, the preponderance of newly created sources persistently opts by paraphrasing or parodying content rather than writing theirs, conveying it to their come down a few months later.

In general, ninety-eight percent of the current news sources we are able to find online are shameless content copies of the original source. Scanty is achieved to provide accurate, detailed information that reaches a wider audience by its authenticity and engaging personal insights. Content is adjusted, perhaps slightly formatted in form to fit the overall concept but remains as a plagiarist attempt to populate a blog with content that has been initially read elsewhere. This not to mention originally published by the two percent that eventually spent a whole morning per say, writing what they have just published.

In reality, plagiarism is a common practice that pestilences the self-proclaimed “press media” all around the world. In Colombia for instance, the majority of the most popular news sources are mere translations of articles written in English published up to three days after. Moreover, pitifully, the term “journalism” fails to sustain their lack of professional morality. This said, I am not a supporter of most extreme media press online, those that undergo boundaries to turn others’ work on their own without citing the source of their content. I do not foresee the expansion of said blogs as a threat, as major search engines already applied cohesive measures to enforce penalties and bans to “news sources” that are not contributive to the enrichment of the scene. This by selecting the indexing of those that indeed, remain unique in their parallel dimension.

The scene deserves more than a vastly sporadic and orgasmic ardor for amateurish blogs that mentally recline on one another under a metamorphic of liverish skins. It deserves ground zeros that should in the future generate competition, exhort professionalism and assault the utter restrictions of creative writing.

I am sure that the discrepancy will be unceasing as it has in past years, and if nothing changes the continuous downfall of copycats and the harness will ultimately, imminently end chaotic.

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