An unversed proclamation of mischievous hostility

An unversed proclamation of mischievous hostility
Alex Skolnick of Testament performing live at La Calera, Bogotá, Colombia on December 28th, 2015. Photograph by Angélica Vargas

Succeeding the 88th Academy Awards ceremony (also referred to as the Oscars 2016) that was held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood on February 28, 2016, that frenzied through the social media while advocating the predominance to the now disreputable, yet rather divertingly unamusing, sadly picaresque blockbuster sequel titled Mad Max: Fury Road. The sequel that in my forthright opinion, did not subsist to recapture the astuteness of the classics, but rather endures a disheartening vibe. Fortunately, all the way through the past month that noiselessly progressed, there was a provisional agenda that actively avowed to peruse a few unversed arguments that of late, raised some hostility toward the media press, other than be favorably disposed to indulge on the evolution of said nominees. Thereof, I am speaking of course, of the way event promoters recently manifested their tenacity to privilege particular media press of their interest and maneuver those to equally labour for them.

The above statement unlatches a paradigm to divergent interpretations, but should be approached with objectivity. Independently of which field of media one relies on as a constructive foundation to a news source, one must always examine the probability of asserting its resources to enlighten the following in a professional and respectful methodology. Outspoken, we have unfailingly kept an open-minded position toward the sector we unhurriedly dwell in, and both criticism as well as controversy, often sway our foundations either on a constructive mode or on a negative demeanor; nevertheless, certain insights lead us to acknowledge the existence of a problem.

Aloft of their time, many have been deploying a succession of demanding requirements for the press media that in many results in the failure to distinguish what may be considered professional from amateur media. Moreover, embracing both as capable platforms to broaden shamelessly a promotion array of articles through media channels without the guarantee of participation in said events, as credentials are either given or denied at a later stage upon promotion, where event promoters play the role of overlords.

Ill-disposed and perhaps rather opposed to standard practices, we have manifested the absorption to quickset Averse. It will, on the other hand, be an antagonistic blog quite unfavourably inclined to contradict an array of difficulties that recently have emerged in the media scene, yet seamlessly and sufficiently opened minds to provide straightforward solutions to uninspiring promotional caprices.

Averse sight to approach and publish articles in which its thematic is fundamentally harsh, drastically critical and opponent toward the scene and its present workflow methodology. Transiting between antipathetic criticism, to profound constructive insights and ending by pledging optimistic measures that should be adopted or not, in favour of progression and equilibrium. It is not aimed to criticize without providing a proper infusion at the end, revealing to be more of a coercive guideline that may open further perspectives as well as utter horizons to often bestow matters that affect us all. Averse to its wholly, it will remain unscheduled, without a publishing timetable and only surface when in need, yet taking the scene collectively and namelessly as part of its essence, other than segregate and rear controversy among those that may connect themselves to the publishings at hand.

As of now, either Averse will or not encompass the scene and usher any particular value, our drudgery is ongoing while giving the due importance to our sporadic publishings in a leisurely manner. During the past month we endured technical difficulties which unavoidably resulted in downtime, and even though our presence was somehow absent, we still kept an audience of 11,792 readers in a total of 10 days of uptime. Come what may, March 1st arrived, and by the time I am publishing this monthly editorial, we are fast paced and firmly reaching the 1,000 readers.

Loyalship has been evermore paramount for us, and in gratitude, we wish to transpire our esteem toward those that throughout February tunneled with our intermittent availability and aspiring to hold your readership for many months to come, either in mischievous hostility or unversed veneration.


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