Carach Angren unique lyrical single, ‘This Is No Fairytale’

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

With a theatrical aesthetic of their own, Netherlands orchestral yet horrid trio Carach Angren masterfully stand-out from other-alike symphonic metal acts by relinquishing a prominent use of neo-orchestral arrangements drawn from their musical compositions and visually deadly decompositional portraits.

Individualism, self-perseverance and safeguarding music wise abstractions makes Carach Angren’s presence an utmost perfectly entwined combination in between artistic chaos and compositional harmony.

The horror metal trio, Carach Angren, is presenting their newest lyrical video single entitled ‘There’s No Place Like Home’, taken from their forthcoming new studio record, ‘This Is No Fairytale’, album which is due for release by Season Of Mist on February 23rd, 2015 (one day later in North America).

The video has been produced by mastermind Costin Chioreanu.

[blockquote cite=”Carach Angren”]We are very proud to present to you this beautiful piece of horror visualizing our song ‘There’s No Place Like Home’. For this video we have worked together with the extremely talented Costin Chioreanu. He was able to visually reproduce the terrifying atmosphere that we aimed for. ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ is the opening track of our forthcoming album. This song will reveal the first clue of the pitch black story which is told throughout the album, and it is definitely not for the faint hearted.[/blockquote]

‘This Is No Fairytale’ was captured on tape by Patrick Damiani and Carach Angren in June 2014. Both song and album were mixed by Peter Tägtgren (also known as musician from The Abyss, Hypocrisy and the successful industrial act, Pain) and mastered by Jonas Kjellgren (Immortal).

The forthcoming studio record, ‘This Is No Fairytale’, will be released on a Deluxe Digibox with a few bonus tracks and horrific goodies, as well as a collector’s coloured vinyl LPs and brand, newly created Carach Angren merchandise, including a hand-crafted plaster mask limited to fifty copies.

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