Conventional Vampire Novels no one has ever read

Welcome to the first chapter of Sylloungue, a wordplay between “Sylloge” and “Lounge”, which intends to be a blog quite vocational toward literature, however, not as much detailed as my previous publishing, rather more written in a habit that can serve as a guide to underground books that you should have as a good read, my personal selections. All in all, I hope you can enjoy it, and suggest to me topics to approach regarding the beautiful and cultural world of literature.

Six Alternative Goth Fashion Blogs to Follow

Six Alternative Goth Fashion Blogs to Follow

Hello, it is time to welcome you to my dark toned hidden world, GothBleak. To begin, I must admit that I am not that good with fashion. I can tell you who my favourite designers are and know which aesthetics I like to wear (black, layered and draped) but I am perpetually inspired to get fashion advice or tips from fashionistas who do know about vogue.

Releasing videos and albums, a high-risk bet

Emerging bands are investing in creating high-end products in the shape of videos and albums, but are release parties of said products paying off the investment? It is a culture that is growing and perhaps bands will gain an advantage from it.

The delights of a single band concert

Festivals are awesome; they are a gathering of culture seekers in a way since the festival experience nowadays brings not only music but other activities to keep people stimulated and interested in the festival. Massive festivals such as Wacken, Hellfest, Brutal Assault among others bend over backward to provide attendees the kind of experience they pay for. However, there is a downfall in such massive experience for fanboys and fangirls alike, and here it is the loss of connection with fellow fans from the band you got nuts for. Let me explain you my hypothesis.

Daniel Rodriguez

Unearthing the discrepancy of the extreme media press

Every year, hundreds of simultaneous media sources unearth in virtual designs and dejectedly skirmish the will to withstand through enmity. There is an unmistakable propensity penchant to sovereign above others. Nonetheless, the feasible discrepancy and unpractical methods prematurely neared while doing so, may not be reinforced throughout the demeanors chosen to harvest a noteworthy acceptance among the elder extreme media press hastily.

The cultural divulges injected in the world’s music

It has been a few months since I last examined another heavy metal news site, just the sheer curiosity as I am admittedly not quite an avid follower of other sources of the genre mostly due to boredom. Although, in my cybernetic journey I despair seeking for any useful information that I have not read beforehand, and in one of my searches I encountered what I considered to be a contradictory approbation. It was said that in today’s modern journalism, there is no practical need to express sentences or contextual interpretations in the particular way that I and a minority, subjectively have nurtured while representing ourselves throughout our writings.


“Bite me!” Says Lobo to Rock Al Parque Festival fan boys

Disapproval is not a judgmental fusillade to be conveyed as a conclusive endeavor in order to change pragmatic artefacts carefully layered when plagiarism surfaces as an utmost stratagem for creativity. When it comes to Colombian spectators, in fact, any warm-hearted critique is somehow scarcely admissible by their culture and it can quickly backlash and escalate dramatically, invading your personal life instead of enduring at a professional degree. Truth be told, Rock Al Parque Festival has been of late, overwhelmingly targeted with dreadful criticism, mainly throughout social networks in which groups have surfaced against the selection of acts chosen for this year’s edition. Whence their official poster was publically published on July 22nd, both music enthusiasts and comic book aficionados snatched their Kusaris (name of the weapon Lobo carries) and publically exhibited their depicted discontent regarding the illustration appointed. Why all the calamity? The said poster sinfully portrays Greek Cthulhu with an iconic Lobo look alike comic book cover, most respectfully Lobo’s Back: Volume 1 – The Final Fragdown, published by DC Comics on May 1st, 1992.

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