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Since the test footage of a Deadpool movie project featuring Ryan Reynolds got leaked a couple of years ago, fans have been eagerly anticipating the arrival to theaters of “The Merc with a Mouth”. This appearance comes in a time where comic book movies have been part of the mainstream media for more than ten years and to say that the market for these productions is over-saturated and the lack of originality is apparent would be an understatement.

As a direct result of this creative crisis, the public has been clamoring for R-rated comic book productions as a way to bring new life to these projects and also to keep the mature audiences engaged. Deadpool is not only a good movie faithful to the source material it is based on; but it is also a move that proves to the Hollywood investors the fact that we can have an R- rated movie be a financial hit.

What sets Deadpool apart from other films of the genre is that from a creative standpoint, it is a product which recognizes what the source material is and adapts the film accordingly. The problem with many movies is that most of the times the studios say “Well this would make a good movie, the public seems really into it,” but later they do not always produce the film in a way in which most elements that make the source material stand out still remain in the Project. Fortunately, Deadpool managed to be an outstanding exception to that rule.

One of the key points for the success of the film is the fact that you do not need to know a lot about the character of Deadpool to enjoy it, but if you are a hardcore fan of Wade Wilson, there are plenty of Easter eggs you will surely pick up. In any case, you can be sure the 108 minutes thrill ride that is Deadpool will be more than enjoyable experience.

The comedic and gory tone of the movie is set right in the opening credits scene. Most movies take a little bit of time before the tone is set, but director Tim Miller does it effectively in just two minutes. The message is clear “this is an action film crowded with action and adult humor.” Then the fast-paced nature of the movie is reaffirmed with the start of the first action sequence where we can see the outstanding choreography and camera work in all its glory. There is no infamous shaky cam here; all the fighting is easy to follow.

Regarding the script structure, the film relies greatly on flashbacks to tell little by little the happenings that led Wade to his transformation into a deadly regenerating killing machine at the cost of a deformed face. By doing these, the origin story of the character can be presented without breaking the already mentioned fast -paced nature of the film. Going from action scene to flashback and then to action scene again becomes a little tiring, but is a pretty good trade-off in exchange for keeping the tone and speed of the story consistent throughout.

Deadpool was released on February 11, 2016 by 20th Century Fox in collaboration with Marvel Entertainment

Story progression is pretty straightforward, with Wade’s primary objective being hunting down the man who disfigured His face and protecting his loved ones in the process, a classic story of revenge.

The music serves its purpose, especially in montage and funny moments. During the action scenes it achieves to get your blood-pumping and fits perfectly with what is happening at all times. It is not a memorable soundtrack by any stretch of the imagination, but it has moments of greatness here and there and fits really well with the tone of the movie.

The cast of characters is outstanding, none of them feels out of place or tacked in. Ryan Reynolds wanted this movie to become a reality with all his heart and you can feel that manifesting in his performance. It will not take long for the public to realise we are witnessing a career-defining role for him. Deadpool is a jerk, but we feel for him because Ryan portrays his inner struggle so well. Yes, we will mostly laugh in this movie, but there are brief yet key moments of seriousness which are meant to make us feel for a character that is at the end of the day a cold killer, and it worked pretty well.

Reynolds’ stellar performance would not have meant anything if the role of Vanessa, Deadpool’s love interest was not up to par. Fortunately, Morena Baccarin did a fantastic job portraying her. The chemistry between both actors is high. We, as audience can buy these two are in a funny and kind of twisted relationship where both of them are a perfect match for each other, that’s why when Wade finds out he has cancer, we feel for of them.

Stand-up comedian and actor T.J. Miller portrays Weasel, Deadpool’s best friend and the back and forth between the two of them makes for some of the funnier moments in the film. T.J’s experience as a comedian shows in his performance.

Stefan Kapicic lends his voice to bring Colossus to life, the powerful yet kind metal X-Men, who along with Negasonic Teenage Warhead played by Brianna Hildebrand, from the X- Men duo trying to persuade Deadpool to join the team of mutants led by professor Xavier. Obviously, Deadpool is not interested in that so you can imagine what kind of situations emerge.

Here we come to one of the few shortcomings of the film. The main antagonist Ajax, this is not the fault of the actor Ed Skrein at all, but in a production filled with charismatic character, Ajax is just the short end of the stick here.

All things considered, Deadpool is an outstanding film that can be enjoyed whether you are a fan of the character or not.The movie is simple and linear regarding plot, but the ability of the film to maintain the comedic tone of the whole movie. The blood-pumping action more than makes for a not so interesting antagonist and sets Deadpool as an example on what studios have to do to bring more mature ideas to the comic book-based movies.

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