Aerosmith is ready to greet Colombians one last time

Martha del Pilar Moreno

Martha del Pilar Moreno

This year seems to be the one in which Colombia gets blessed with mega concerts. In this case, Aerosmith, responsible for many personal anthems, will go on tour this year. The latest tour will have a South American leg, and guess which country is on the list… Colombia, isn’t that crazy? Putting jokes aside, Aerosmith has been a benchmark band for many people, and out of every country in the world, South America has been marked by this band, either for their classics or more recent work. Aerosmith will play in Bogotá, Colombia the 29th of September.

Aerosmith does not need an introduction. No matter how hard and brutal your music tastes have become over the years, you must have heard more than five songs from these legends. To those still true to their tastes, these guys from the seventies are more than just a band. Founded in Boston, Massachusetts in the early seventies, they created one of the most consistent sounds around. With songs like ‘Dream On’ and ‘Sweet Emotion,’ the act cemented their early legacy as a go-to band. In the eighties, this act flirted with other genres, being notorious for their association with rap group Run DMC for their mash-up better known as ‘Walk This Way.’ By the end of the decade, audiences saw a strong resurgence as a rock’n’roll group with their albums ‘Permanent Vacation’ and ‘Pump.’

At the beginning of the nineties, after a successful battle with both sobriety and notoriety, Aerosmith gained much deserved praised with their album ‘Get a Grip.’ This album produced several anthems for  Generation X and anyone who was coming of age at the time. Sobriety indeed paid off. The end of the decade came with the huge hit ‘I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing’ part of the soundtrack for the movie Armaggedon.

Touring in Latin America has been rather scarce, but the audiences have response eagerly every time. In the case of Colombia, Aerosmith has been twice to the country, with sold-out concerts and great interactions with the audience. This time will not be different, since rumors and the desire of Steven Tyler to pursuit a career as a solo artist have created urgency in those who haven’t had the pleasure to see this band live. But, according to Joe Perry, this fall tour to South America is going to happen with Steven Tyler as a frontman. However, the future is uncertain and it would be best to see them live now rather than waiting for another chance, because you may not get another opportunity.

To this statement, on the first round of ticket sales three thousand Colombians have already bought their tickets for this amazing concert. With Colombia to be the first country on the South American part of the tour Aerosmith will give it their all to make this tour kick off with a bang for an unmissable show. The concert will be held at Parque Metropolitano Simon Bolivar, a place that has hosted the band for their previous two concerts in Colombia. Tickets are divided in two locations : Platinum 536,000 COP (150 US Dollars), and General 257,000 COP (74 US Dollars).  There you have it, do not miss the opportunity of a lifetime to see Aerosmith live.

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