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Syllounge has been rather quiet lately mostly due to time restraints, nonetheless, I intend to improve my writing and make of this, a prominent blog related to literature, be it novels, comic books, biographies, and other topics of interest.

It is no secret that Image Comics is publishing some of the most interesting publications right now, while strongly competing with Valiant Comics and Vertigo Comics, to name a few. The publishing company is releasing the right comic books on the market at the right time and every week there is an insane treat for every kind of reader.

Black Science

Black Science is one of a kind comic book, that should be read quite frequently due to the genius of Rick Remender’s storyline and Matteo Scalera’s fascinating artwork. It is indeed, a comic book brilliantly written with an illustrative strike that will quickly make you engage with it and enter a stage of pure ecstasy while flipping its pages. The comic book follows the story of Grant Mckay and an organisation of Dimensionauts as they traverse various dimensions striving to discover their way home. It is dominant with emotion and the level of character motivation is a unique stronghold.

East of West

East of West has been one of the greatest reads I have ever savoured. I got into this series after seeing the promo art and was addicted to this comic book right away. I had no idea what was going on with the storyline but that did not obstruct me from experiencing the amazing art and the captivating writing. Hickman and Dragotta, along with Frank Martin and Rus Wooton create a visually dynamic book. It is a pre-apocalyptic science fiction western that follows the Horseman, Death, in his search for his son.


‘Huck’ is the Scottish comic book writer Mark Millar’s freshest project that is utterly distinct from his previous works on ‘The Authority,’ ‘The Ultimates,’ ‘Civil War,’ ‘The Secret Service,’ ‘Wanted,’ and ‘Chrononauts.’ He is also known for his comical and violent approach to comic books with the now infamous ‘Kick-Ass’ title, however, ‘Huck’ may be considered a light-hearted story that projects a young man with special abilities through deranged days in which he cannot venture without doing a few good deeds for his local community.

When the locals try and sell this story to the news outlets, his life begins to get complicated at a breakneck pace. The first volume was just collected and is in stores now, and surely deserves a noteworthy reading.


Metropolitan fiction can be hit or miss regarding this comic book and no less than Hellboy to indict for unlocking the extraordinary genre in which Rumble follows. John Arcudi and James Harren implement a rich grounding of backstory for the ambivalence that you wonder if it is going on in your alleys too. Rathraq was a great warrior who was imprisoned, and now he is on a mission to reclaim his body and again terrorise the Esu trash that has begun to fill up the streets. His supporting cast of Bobby and Del are witty and each one filled with heart. This series is surprisingly heartfelt and deconstructs the idea of heroes and what that word implies.


Saga is one of those once in a generation comic books that is brilliant and exciting to read. Brian K. Vaughn, the American comic book and television writer, best known for the comic book series Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina, Runaways, and Pride of Baghdad, further happens to be one of those once in a generation writers where it really seems like he can do no harm. Saga is always denting up new readers and holding on to them as the series improves and gets greater with each page flip. It is hard not to love the writing, but I dare you to say that if you are not madly in love with the Canadian artist Fiona Staples artwork, known for her work on books such as North 40, DV8: Gods and Monsters, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, and Archie illustrative work, the Saga might not be for you.


She-Wolf is a project that I absolutely treasure because it truly has that indie feel to it. Every day, we are introduced to a host of webcomics and full-length books that remind me of the power behind She-Wolf. The comic book is still young so there is no official verdict out there yet, however, Rich Tommaso has won over the Internet with a tale that he writes and does the artwork on.

The Walking Dead

In my humble opinion, The Walking Dead has become one of the eeriest and most intelligent comic books of the zombified genre. I certainly thought that with the disastrous fallout courtesy of Negan, further publishings from the comic book would disappoint with the greatest stories layered behind it, but fortuitously, with Robert Kirkman as the writer, over the last ten unmatched issues The Walking Dead has been nothing short of chivalric, as the comic book series has become stronger with every new issue.


A sleeper over there at Image Comics, Wolf is really tremendously exceptional. The story gets slightly absurd sometimes, but Alex Kot really has put together something special. It shows a side of Los Angeles that most of us strangers have no conception of while going off in this supernatural direction that is nothing short of breathtaking and worthwhile.

This collection of comic books is somehow confined, as I intend to make chapters and provide diverse titles when possible, nevertheless, and as always, your viewpoints are more than esteemed by leaving your response, suggestions for further Syllounge articles, or constructive criticism in the comment section below.

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