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Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

In truth, various have been the innovations we had to undergo throughout the prior months considering the addition of newfangled and divergent content, conjointly with the rearrangement of our sections and pages. With the overflow of alternative cultural articles proffered by our journalists and reporters, although many of which haunted by a nineteenth-century aura of the supernatural, myths and literature, we evenly transitioned – successfully I might say – from a self-focused digital music publishing platform toward a more interchangeable, bookish, seeable and enlightening contemporary authorship. Undoubtedly, acknowledging and preserving our fundamental essence without subsiding entirely with the mainstream.

From the preceding two months, we vigorously believe we had fallen into that half-sleepless state which psychologists describe as insomnia; as we chiefly strived with a series of mental images and unusual vividness. Although, while supervising all of the late articles submitted to our pages, it consequently lead us to indulge in careful research and gain knowledge apropos about other subcultures homologous to the extreme musical domain, here not understood as a figure of repression. Our findings were that there are many subcultural grounds that can be covered and explored within our pages, deeply directly related or not, to music, however, substantial enough to allure music aficionados to traverse further into reading without bustle in nostalgia.

We must confess that our primary concern was that our long-standing readership would navigate away from us due to the advancements and opt into following other medias of their interest. Admiringly, we do not only keep the earliest readers, as we gathered the attention of newcomers, therefore, uniting audiences under one single umbrella. This clearly taught us that our readers are open-minded to indulge into reading subcultural topics connected or not, with their music of preference.

Whatever it was that united us, it was not the absence of content. Anecdotal evidence is the enemy of good science, but all we can tell you is that our crew of extravagant passionate dandies spent every night of the month slaving like if it was the last days of Sodom, Gomorrah and Constantinople combined. Nevertheless, we are publishing a single article daily as we still believe that quality suppresses quantity, and the devil is in the details.

Even thus – and admittedly – we have become less complaisant in which concerns the music scene as of now; we still feel obliged and agreeable to publish articles related to it, without the scarcity of details that for quite some time has become part of our editing passageway. Rumour has it that we are maturing more accessible, yet more commercial. Such is not true if you consider that diversifying is just an embonpoint that was just sufficient to distinguish us from most of our media companions. Somehow, we rendered our presence as a strikingly and attractive source as we candidly and generously attribute our evolution to any past natural deficiency, such as the gaucherie that prevented us from having a wider approach. Moreover, toward other educational and entertainment sectors besides music; such as fashion, exhibitions, conventions, literature, gaming, technology and belatedly, the addition of reviews, we continuously evolve and set ourselves apart from the commonly known. We also emphasised criminology for the very first time, and became open to opinion pieces and brought back personal blogging, providing outlets for written creativity in the realms of painting, fiction, fashion, burlesque, tattooing, and film as well as comic art.

Certainly, we are bibliophiles by avocation, and our colophon has to be readjusted in an authentic way to reflect our forthwith accomplishments in a more straightforward fashion. It is true that we adopted a minimalistic practice which consequently lead to rearranging much of what was known about us when we renewed our digital presence and public strategy in the past few months by enriching it. Admittedly, we overlooked in part our megalomaniac musical publishings and widely usher in other cultural ends as a complementary form of expressionism.

Frankly speaking, our working force is momentarily constituted by eighteen individuals, which in grand part are journalists that on a daily basis write and publish their articles using our digital platform. Anyhow, the prompt acceptance of various journalists at a quick pace forestalls the schedule of our publishings to render an array of varying topics to please all of our readers, as we unavoidably became more eldritch than desired. The collection of eerie, gloomy grim articles published during the past weeks results from a lack of coordination on our part, as we were unprepared to schedule the publishing of said items in a manner that we could space out the topics in between. Therefore, momentarily, we failed to provide a flux of subjects that could vary and be more spaced out in between publications. During this month, we will schedule our publishings so that we can space it out in greater symmetry, granting a more reliable and diversified readership besides a widespread promotion of all the subjects at hand, without centering our publishings mostly around one single topic and subgenres.

The honest truth, however, is that in our almost six years in and around musical culture – even if extreme – the alternative subcultures are probably the rule to follow and not the exception, as anyone browsing our pages can doubtless see for themselves.

One thing that everyone surely understands, by now, is that alternative culture is a symptom, not a cause, and that your patience is gratefully appreciated as our osmosis alters once more. Speaking wherein of changes, our press office will be publishing official press releases regarding activities that we will be growing into. There will be opportunities for artisans to grow their closeness to an open-market and become professional merchants by attending workshops, for instance. We will, however, also expand from the virtual realm into a physical shape, but all in due time.

Notwithstanding, we are always free-willing and open-minded to go through the feedback left on the comments area, and evaluate possible changes, alternatives, and features you may wish to suggest us.

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André Monteiro
André Monteiro
June 10, 2016 13:17

Honestly speaking, I am glad that you all have decided to change the direction of this media, as it stands out for the difference other than remaining as it was, just another metal site as you carefully stated. The changes are beneficial, and I am sure a lot of people out there enjoy the new approach.



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