Decibel Magazine publishes doom devoted special issue

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

During my diurnal yet diversified activities, I came across with some interesting news regarding the brand new and special issue of United States extreme metal publication, Decibel Magazine. A special collector’s edition featuring in-depth insights, a praising homage to the doom metal odyssey, forethought oversights carefully represented in printed words and confident illustrations that may aback while they taunt the top 100 doom metal albums of all time.

For an unknown or unspecified reason, horrifically sepian and comic book alike illustrated, perhaps magistral with a cleaver vintage approach, the artwork portrayed on this issue front cover allures the reader’s mind into the frowsty spectrum of elder cult motion pictures, and occult comic books that surfaced during the 60’s. It is as if an utmost triptych between threatening elements taken from cover artworks of the Swamp Thing, Ghosts, The Green Woman, Weird Terror, Zombies, Crypt Of Terror, The House Of Mystery, Tales From The Tomb, and Tales From The Crypt with a lugubrious essence, this artwise, since the concept is representative of the musical genre they have chosen to devote their solemn attention.

Special Collector's Edition

In this particular issue, Decibel Magazine journeyed throughout six decades of apocalyptic, funeral, sorrowful, gothic, stoner, melodic to darkened mid-paced doom metal, outdistancing the publication status towards a more respectful journalistic panorama, therefore omnipotent and widespread and not by any means, a spontaneous one-off. In the overwhelming process, it has collected one hundred abiding exemplars.

Apart from freshened interviews and top picks from a who’s-who of doom metal living veterans, this special edition features a exclusive Hall Of Fame on United kingdom’s doom progressors Cathedral’s sophomore album, ‘The Ethereal Mirror’, a remarkable opus that may have been fairly unnoticed upon its 1993 release, but that has gained a more munificent position until modern times. Cathedral are indeed, the centerpiece of a publication which gathers a one hundred percent of exclusive content.

Winter Solstice is upon us, an inspiring season fulfilled with nostalgic emotions and depressive thoughts, which perfectly claims for something rather different, yet appropriate, such as this edition, which can be purchased for merely $ 3,00 (or $ 4,00 US Dollars, roughly $ 8,000 COP), directly through their online store.

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