Lividity Magazine premieres issue on gothic arts

Connie Marchal

Connie Marchal

If you are eager for a fresh, artsy and ladylike magazine to follow, today you are in luck. Lividity Magazine is and has been published and it amalgamates gothic fashion with the arts, music and culture. The magazine, however, offers more than just breathtaking photographs illustrating its pages as their primary goal is to give you a closer look at the brilliant minds that fuel the fashion and art communities with a beautiful landscape of photographs to help along the way.

This is the premiere issue of the magazine and I must confess that, while looking through its pages, they are definitely doing something divergent. Each photograph as well as design is beautifully captured and elaborate in a careful and thoughtful manner and filled with revealing interviews on some of the most talented folks in the gothic fashion and the art world related to it.

The spread on Kicka Custom Design, the go-to brand for Custom Couture, is simply alluring. Wearable art has never looked this sensational before. Meanwhile, The Secret Garden section lets Ryder Make-Up Labs Studio take you on a beautiful, summery tour.

Music fans will love Oklahoma natives, All About A Bubble. Their infectious pop rock with an emotional wave hooked up with a couple of musical influences that craftily transit with an alternative rock flair that serves as the perfect theme song to your most critical moments. On this issue, Lividity Magazine magnificently illustrated their interview with band photographs across its pages, giving predominance to both contextual words as well as visual concept, through four pages.


Lividity Magazine
Lividity Magazine

Other features include the incredible aerial theatre act, Paper Doll Militia, from Atlanta, Georgia. Paper Doll Militia currently offers teacher training intensives around the United States, United Kingdom and Europe. A five-day, hands-on intensive training of thirty hours which includes safety technique and training for teaching beginner level skills on trapeze and silk. Their training focuses on a comprehensive and holistic approach to aerial instruction, with emphasis on creating a well-rounded class setting and Paper Doll Militia’s quintessential creative approach to the apparatus.

Atlanta’s uber-talented American hairstylist, Daniel Holzberger, also emphasizes on their pages. He earned the Avant Garde nomination this year. Daniel Holzberger is also a finalist in this year’s Editorial Stylist category.

Grab your copy for free online or support the magazine by ordering a print edition over at Magcloud. The digital version is available for free. Meanwhile, you can get a paper copy for roughly $ 15.00 EUR, a magnificent illustrated 8.25″ x 10.75″ magazine containing 62-pages perfect-bound.

Lividity Magazine might be the new gothic trend on the block but it is definitely making a good first impression.


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