This month’s Gothic & Amazing Magazine and High Fashion

Connie Marchal

Connie Marchal

The German publishing house responsible for the Gothic & Amazing Magazine just announced the publishing of their March issue, and their sixth so far, with emphasis on special care to the Goth High Fashion. Their newest issue is available on Magcloud on both digital and paper versions, featuring a beautiful front cover illustrated by a photograph of model Mary Grace Almera Dela Peña, which is currently living in Denmark.

Just in case you have not heard of her before this article, Mary Grace Almera Dela Peña is the talent behind Photography Smashed With Poetry, her creative business which produces the most dreamy images as you can see on the new issue of Gothic & Amazing Magazine. Based in Denmark, the photographer is completely self-taught, with her work proving to be an inspiration for anyone interested in the medium of photography.

I unconditionally love today’s series which features beautiful clothing by designers such as Nøkke Fensholt of Fairytailor Makeup, as well as headpieces from Nøkke Fensholt and one crimson detailed by Mary Grace Almera Dela Peña herself.

Gothic & Amazing Magazine
Gothic & Amazing Magazine March issue is now available

Inside pages exhibit interviews with model Maria Amanda, the alternative model based in Copenhagen and featured in an eight page spread inside the magazine with an abundance of photographs made exclusively for this issue.

It also highlights Nina de Lianin, a professional performing artist into singing, dancing and acting. Besides her attraction to performing arts, she is also a professional model from Belgrade, Serbia, currently living in Berlin, Germany. She has been working in numerous musical productions, singing and dance performances, concerts, acting plays and fashion campaigns in Serbia, Germany and worldwide. Her portfolio counts over 2500 performances in more than 25 countries, on 4 different continents.

Photographer Temira Decay, who is better known for his shocking work on Grotesque Magazine, that often deviates between elegant and classic to gothic and circuitous, almost insane, and designer Pretty Bastard are also featured in its pages.

Besides interviews and many photographs illustrating its pages, you will also be able to find a step by step makeup tutorial by ReeRee Phillips, an article about Haute Gothic Fashion by Obsidian Kerttu, Lena Quist and Unadorned editorials and an exhaustive review of Punk Rave by Eleine.

You can either obtain your a printed copy of the magazine or the digital format online through MagCloud directly, or support the magazine by ordering the bundle for roughly $ 15.00. The digital version is available for $ 2.00 EUR. Meantime, you can get a paper copy from $ 14.00 EUR, Standard 8.25″ x 10.75″ magazine containing 62-pages perfect-bound here.


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