The End has Come to Chimaira

Martha del Pilar Moreno

Martha del Pilar Moreno

Chimaira call it quits after all members but the sole founder decided to leave the band. The events of this week have surprised fans all around the world, especially after the moderate success of Chimaira’s latest album ‘Crown Of Phantoms’. Apparently things just do not work that way.

Being in a band is like being a relationship with four people. Such situation brings some difficulties along the way, especially if not all members share the same passion, commitment or just cannot handle the life on the road. When this kind of things happens, some members decide to leave, but most of the time is one member at the time… That was not the case for Chimaira, a band that has gone through mass leavings in the past (not that far in the past, barely 3 years ago), to go through that process again, leaving the only original member Mark Hunter with a serious decision to make: “what to do after everyone leaves?” And so the decision was made, let’s call it quits with Chimaira.

Earlier this week, the first one to leave the boat was guitarist Emil Wrestler, who announced the news through his Twitter account stating:

[blockquote cite=”Emil Wrestler”]My time in Chimaira has, unfortunately, come to an end. It is time for me to move on as I continue to focus on harvesting my abilities as a musician. I’m very fond of everyone in the band and wish them all the best in the future. Although this was a difficult choice to make, I feel it was necessary in order to take the next step in my career. The best is still yet to come and I’m very excited for the multiple projects I am working on. I would like to thank the band, management, and, most importantly, all the fans for the endless support and understanding.[/blockquote]

Then the snowball started to roll as the drummer Austin D’amond, guitarist Matt Szlachta, bassist Jeremy Creamer, and keyboardist Sean Zatorsky took the hard decision of following the example set by Emil Wrestler and collectively released the following statement:

[blockquote cite=”Chimaira”]In light of recent news, the rest of the band have decided to part ways with Chimaira. For us this was a great stepping stone, and an honor to play these songs live, and fulfill an incredible legacy. This was an excellent platform to help continue playing music, when our collective bands [Dååth, Bleed The Sky and Dirge Within] either ended or went on a hiatus. Chimaira was an amazing experience and we look forward to future music endeavors with each other.[/blockquote]

So, what can a man do when your band falls apart as everyone except you leaves? Mark Hunter has gone through the same situation before, but apparently this time is different. This time he said to himself and anybody else “enough”. After this mass quitting, for Mark Hunter it was time to see if he was going to fight his way up once more, or to flee and let things go. And, the latter was the decision made.

[blockquote cite=”Mark Hunter”]After fifteen full-blown ass-ripping years, it is with great honor to announce the end of Chimaira. Thanks to everyone that supported the group in any way shape or form. Everyone involved with the band, from members to fans, put their heart and soul into this project. We achieved a lot. We bled a lot. It fucking ruled.[/blockquote]

And so, that was the tale for Chimaira, there are die-hard fans morning out there, to those of you in the process, wait for better things to come as these former members will create something else.

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Alex de Borba
Alex de Borba
Reply to  Martha del Pilar Moreno
September 21, 2014 12:40

One of the very few groove metal artists that I encounter interesting and worthy of a second listen, alongside with old Pantera and Pro-Pain.

It is understandable that Chimaira decide to call it out after all members left, it only proves that no matter how big a band can be, it can likewise be dismissed due to either professional or personal circumstances.

Alex de Borba
Alex de Borba
March 27, 2015 21:52

I may be wrong, but it appears Mark Hunter had up shots with everyone on Chimaira, and since he was unwilling to abandon the act, they have chosen to do it themselves, leaving him all alone.



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