Scorpion Child details upcoming album, ‘Acid Roulette’

Martha del Pilar Moreno

Martha del Pilar Moreno

Once you see the graphics and visuals a band uses to express themselves, you can assume rather correctly what kind of music they work out. We all have gone through that process, but that was more frequent in the old days of scouting in your favorite music store where you could surf around CD’s and Vinyl, and sometimes you got hooked by a particular album cover, and you decided to give it a shot even if you never heard the band. If that art cover and the music matched, you were ready to go completely content with yourself for that one finding. Perhaps it’s the nostalgia of the old ways or just the know-how of the industry, but most acts still put a lot of effort into those details, such is the case for Texan rockers Scorpion Child. This relatively newcomer delivers the details for their sophomore album ‘Acid Roulette’, an album that will see the light of day on June 10th, 2016 through the good pals of Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

As stated earlier, album cover arts tend to match the music for most bands. In the case of Scorpion Child, the art involved in the cover for ‘Acid Roulette’ implies a very psychedelic rock vibe, straight out of the seventies which incidentally is the road the band follows to its core. With their debut album ‘The Child’, this act showed that the psychedelic rock from the seventies is still appealing, especially if that sound comes mixed with beefy riffs and really thick layers of heavy metal, as it is showed in the singles ‘Polygon of Eyes’ and ‘Liquor’. In their sophomore album, Scorpion Child is following the storytelling strategy by choosing the tale of a traveling man.


Scorpion Child - 'Acid Roulette'
‘Acid Roulette’ is the second album by Scorpion Child. It will be released on June 10th, 2016 through Nuclear Blast Entertainment
  1. She Sings, I Kill
  2. Reaper’s Danse
  3. My Woman In Black
  4. Acid Roulette
  5. Winter Side Of Deranged
  6. Séance
  7. Twilight Coven
  8. Survives
  9. Blind Man’s Shine
  10. Moon Tension
  11. Tower Grove
  12. I Might Be Your Man
  13. Addictions

[blockquote cite=”Aryn Jonathan Black”]’Acid Roulette’ chronicles the life trials of a traveling man who was imprisoned for a murderous crime; he was forced into confessing by his wife and her wealthy lover so that they could live out their romance without him in the picture. Once sentenced to a life’s term, he goes through extreme emotions dealing with the only woman he’d ever loved taking everything he’d known as “real” away from him. He has to create and redefine his own reality accompanied by its roller coaster of emotional reflection. He experiences many different psychological changes throughout the years and escapes by means of drugs and his writings. These songs become his diary of a madman. The focus is mainly on the seasons in a year, for each song represents a month. The songs exist to drive home the full power of human emotion as many albums do, however, ‘Acid Roulette’ wires us into those extremes.[/blockquote]

‘Acid Roulette’ was recorded at The Bubble Studios in Austin, Texas with the collaboration of Chris Smith, who also produced and arranged their debut album back in 2013. The mixing was carried out by Dave Schiffman. The album art it a juxtaposition of graphic and photography with the teamwork between Aryn Jonathan Black, Max Taylor, and Rob Kimura. While waiting for ‘Acid Roulette’ to come out, you can check Scorpion Child on their European tour as they serve as a supporting group for rock icons Monster Magnet.

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