Sólstafir’s proposition for a forethought future

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

Outermost Icelandic atmospheric yet gloomy, moody rock’n’roll act Sólstafir lately rebelled in an antagonistic demeanour towards longstanding drum player and act’s co-founder, Guðmundur Óli Palmasson. This while rebutting the seriousness of his controversial statements regarding the sudden dismissal from Sólstafir, outdistancing themselves from any sheathed mislay.

In order to scatter some light on some of the accusations Guðmundur Óli Palmasson presented on a very lengthy manifesto in which he accuses Sólstafir from removing him from the act’s formation in January without preceding indication, yet requiring him to retain the affairs privately whereas they sway eventually, reconsider their judgment toward him. Guðmundur Óli Palmasson also claimed that Sólstafir frontman Addi Tryggvason further decided to register the act’s name under his sole property promptly after notifying Guðmundur Óli Palmasson of his consequent deposition.

Sólstafir on the other hand, have chosen to publish a belatedly public statement in which they endeavor to explain any misunderstandings.

[blockquote cite=”Sólstafir”]There are always two sides to every story. No one knows the whole story other than those directly involved.

As is the case in any relationship, all parties play their roles in creating and ending it. Both parties have their versions, and often at times, the point gets lost along the way, buried in emotions.

The bottom line is, Gummi is no longer in the band, because of a deep personal conflict that involves all three remaining members and cannot be solved. He is well aware of this.[/blockquote]

Sólstafir nevertheless, laments the impediment that took place whilst publishing a proper response although adding:

[blockquote cite=”Sólsfatir”]Despite what we have read that appears to have been written in anger, bitterness, and seemingly spite, we continue to hold no ill will and sincerely want to thank him for all of his hard work and being such a huge part of the band for all these years.[/blockquote]

To reckon is that Sólstafir delivered their last and deeply acclaimed album last year, August 29th, via Season Of Mist.

  1. Lágnætti
  2. Ótta
  3. Rismál
  4. Dagmál
  5. Miðdegi
  6. Nón
  7. Miðaftann
  8. Náttmál
  9. Tilberi [Bonus Track]
  10. Til Valhallar [Bonus Track]
  11. Ótta [Elevator Mix]

Sólsfatir intend to endure as a trio, counting with the live support from Karl Petur Smith. They were also lately designated as Best Underground at this year’s Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards on June 15th. Notwithstanding, Sólstafir is also confirmed to open at the inaugural Ramblin’ Man Fair event at Mote Park, Kent, on July 25th to 26th, accompanied by some live performances in the United Kingdom.

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