Faith No More delays the release of ‘Sol Invictus’

Martha del Pilar Moreno

Martha del Pilar Moreno

Faith No More’s more recent work ‘Sol Invictus’ marks the return of this might band to the new material realm. unfortunately for those of you that lives in the United States and that enjoy that vintage sound you can only get from the needle surfing through a vinyl record, that very anticipated experience will have to wait a little bit longer.

There is a phrase in my country and I think it goes the same in every Spanish speaker country that goes “if you waited the most, you can stand waiting the less“. After eighteen years of creative silence since Album Of The Year and a definitive disbanding shortly after, it was almost a certainty for almost all of us fans that we would never hear new material from a band that shaped most of our taste in music (especially if you happened to be an adolescent back in the 90’s). But then 2009 came, a return tour through the globe and fans around the world started to speculate about the return of the band to the studio. Almost five years after such event, and some series of concerts and festival here and there, Faith No More decided it was time to let the creative voice of the band to be unleashed once more, resulting in the release of ‘Sol Invictus’ that’s due to out in the public May 19th. Unfortunately, for folks at the United States, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer to put your hands and ears to the vinyl special edition a little bit later because there was an unexpected result in the pressing of the album.

[blockquote cite=”Bill Goud”]We received our test pressings for the vinyl lps and noticed something sounding odd about the US version. Odd, as in, not so good. We’ve since identified the problem and have decided to fix it. I don’t think anyone, especially a vinyl fan, wants an album that sounds anything less that what it should.

What this means, however is that the US version of the vinyl lp has been delayed by 4-6 weeks. All vinyl outside the US is still scheduled for release on May 19, as originally planned; this only affects the US vinyl. Also, for US vinyl purchasers, you still will be able to get a copy of the album via digital download on the release date.[/blockquote]

In the meantime while ‘Sol Invictus’ vinyl is out in the United States, if you happened to be near by the chosen venues, you can have a refresh take on how Faith No More is on the stage. That would make the wait a little bit less terrible. With fifteen dates that will start on April 15th, it seems a bit too short for a fast that has been going on for almost seven years. But, as Roddy Bottum posted, there is some hope of another tour in the United States.

[blockquote cite=”Roddy Bottum”]We’re preparing ourselves for the upcoming onslaught (I’m not privy to violent descriptives but that seems to fit) and we’re going to try and reach as many as you as we can in our process. Sorry if many of you are skipped, geographically on this first go round. We’ll try and fix that. We can’t guarantee anything but it’s honestly our intention to not leave anyone out. Thanks for being understanding in this regard.[/blockquote]

  1. ‘Sol Invictus’
  2. ‘Superhero’
  3. ‘Sunny Side Up’
  4. ‘Separation Anxiety’
  5. ‘Cone Of Shame’
  6. ‘Rise Of The Fall’
  7. ‘Black Friday’
  8. ‘Motherfucker’
  9. ‘Matador’
  10. ‘From the Dead’

All that is rest to mention is that through the releases of the singles ‘Motherfucker’ and ‘Superhero’ the anticipation has grown high, and ‘Sol Invictus’ will offer something we haven’t heard for some time. With the combine geniuses and experiences this five guys have gathered through their years apart, it seems only fair to expect something very special.

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