Lacerated and Carbonized Released Visceral ‘Limbo’ Album via Crowdfunding

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

Lacerated and Carbonized, the Brazilian death metal pioneers, in a bold and innovative move, have independently released their highly anticipated fourth album, ‘Limbo,’ with the support of a successful crowdfunding campaign.

‘Limbo’ comprises eleven tracks, the album encapsulates the band’s remarkable resurgence, elevating their level of brutality and showcasing their relentless commitment to their craft, and the album delves into the dark themes of urban depression, anxiety, and lockdown, reflecting the band’s unwavering dedication to exploring the complex and evocative subject matter.

Emerging from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Lacerated and Carbonized have left an indelible impression on the worldwide extreme metal milieu by amalgamating their exceptional musicianship with a ferocious sonic identity. Since their genesis in 2006, the ensemble has enraptured audiences with their electrifying live performances and their inimitable approach to death metal.

In 2006, the quartet of vocalist Jonathan Cruz, guitarist Caio Mendonça, bassist Paulo Doc, and drummer Victor Mendonça coalesced to form Lacerated and Carbonized. The musicians’ collective adoration for extreme metal bands, including Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, and Deicide, laid the foundation for their distinctive style, which eventually became a signature attribute of the ensemble.

During this period, the Rio de Janeiro metal scene was typified by a diverse array of sub-genres, with the majority of local bands gravitating towards thrash or heavy metal. Lacerated and Carbonized’s introduction of death metal into this environment provided a novel and potent alternative, captivating the attention of fans and fellow musicians alike.

The inaugural album, ‘Homicidal Rapture,’ unveiled in 2011, demonstrated Lacerated and Carbonized’s predilection for unrelenting guitar riffs, sonorous guttural vocals, and meticulous drumming. The themes of violence and societal disintegration mirrored the harsh realities of life in Rio de Janeiro. This debut marked a formidable introduction to Lacerated and Carbonized’s signature sound and secured their position in Brazil’s extreme metal landscape.

The release of ‘Homicidal Rapture’ was met with significant enthusiasm from the local and regional death metal communities. As a result, the band soon found themselves playing at underground music festivals and sharing the stage with renowned Brazilian metal acts like Krisiun and Nervochaos. These experiences provided Lacerated and Carbonized with an opportunity to refine their live performances, further establishing their reputation as a formidable live act.

Their sophomore album, ‘The Core of Disruption,’ materialized on June 9th, 2013, signifying a remarkable progression in the band’s evolution. The enhanced production quality and a more sophisticated songwriting approach allowed for a heightened emphasis on their technical capabilities. Memorable compositions like ‘Severe Burns’ and ‘Third World Slavery’ exemplified the band’s capacity to harmonize unrestrained aggression with an astute sense of melody and structure.

During the promotional tour for ‘The Core of Disruption,’ Lacerated and Carbonized embarked on their first European journey, playing in countries like Germany, France, and Spain. This international exposure proved invaluable for the band, as they garnered new fans and built connections within the global extreme metal community.

The release of ‘Narcohell’ on November 22nd, 2016, cemented Lacerated and Carbonized’s unique position within Brazilian death metal. This album tackled themes of drug addiction and corruption within Brazil’s favelas, offering an enthralling and haunting auditory experience. Musically, ‘Narcohell’ revealed a more mature and dynamic approach, with tracks such as ‘Chainsaw Deflesher’ and ‘Hostages of Morro’ showcasing the band’s growth in terms of both intensity and technicality.

In support of ‘Narcohell,’ Lacerated and Carbonized ventured on their most extensive international tour to date, performing in countries across Europe, North America, and Asia. These performances not only further solidified the band’s reputation as a formidable live act but also helped to cultivate a loyal fan base in diverse corners of the world.

By integrating elements of Brazilian culture and socio-political issues into their lyrics, Lacerated and Carbonized has enriched the death metal genre and made it more multifaceted. Their ability to address themes such as corruption, violence, and poverty through their music has proffered a compelling and engaging platform for social commentary.

Lacerated and Carbonized’s decision to release ‘Limbo’ independently demonstrates their dedication to maintaining creative control over their work. By utilizing crowdfunding as a means of financing the project, the band was able to engage their fans in a more personal and direct manner, forging a deeper connection between the artists and their supporters.

The album was expertly recorded, mixed, and mastered by Celo Oliveira at Kolera Studio, located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The recording process saw contributions from various talented musicians, including Leandro Pinheiro, who performed the guitar solos, and Victor Mendonça, who recorded the drums at Tellus Studio. The vocal interpretations were executed by Jonathan Cruz, Leandro Pinheiro, and Arthur Chebec, creating a rich and dynamic soundscape that complements the album’s thematic depth.

Upon its completion, ‘Limbo’ was made available through major digital platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, and Amazon Music, ensuring its accessibility to fans worldwide. Additionally, the band released the album in a physical format, catering to the preferences of their diverse fanbase.

Lacerated and Carbonized explore urban despair and anxiety in their brutally intense fourth album, ‘Limbo,’ a release backed by a successful crowdfunding campaign.

To visually represent the album’s somber themes and atmospheric intensity, Lacerated and Carbonized enlisted the talents of artist Edu Nascimento, who designed the striking artwork for ‘Limbo.’ The album’s aesthetic is further enhanced by a lyric video created by Gabby Vessoni, which encapsulates the emotive power of the music and the evocative nature of the lyrics.

In anticipation of the album’s release, Lacerated and Carbonized announced plans for a series of tours across Brazil and Europe, with specific details to be revealed at a later date. These tours will provide an opportunity for the band to showcase their latest material and demonstrate their growth as musicians and performers.

Lacerated and Carbonized have expressed their profound gratitude to the supporters who contributed to the crowdfunding campaign, acknowledging that their collective efforts were instrumental in bringing the album to fruition. The success of ‘Limbo’ is a testament not only to the band’s unwavering dedication to their art but also to the power of community support in propelling independent artists forward.

As vanguards in the Brazilian death metal scene, Lacerated and Carbonized have left a lasting impact on the country’s musical heritage. Their innovative fusion of intensity and technicality has served as a blueprint for emerging bands and set a high benchmark for future generations of Brazilian metal artists.

Lacerated and Carbonized has played an instrumental role in shaping the Brazilian death metal scene and elevating it to international acclaim and their impact on the global extreme metal community will undoubtedly continue to grow, serving as a testament to their steadfast passion for brutal, technically proficient music and their dedication to confronting societal issues through their creative expression. With a rich history and a promising future, Lacerated and Carbonized’s legacy will remain an integral part of the ever-evolving tapestry of death metal.

The release of ‘Limbo’ marks a pivotal moment in Lacerated and Carbonized’s career, as they continue to explore the depths of human emotion and societal complexities through their powerful and unrelenting music. By embracing independence and engaging their fans through a crowdfunding campaign, the band has demonstrated their commitment to their artistic vision and the importance of connecting with their supporters.

As Lacerated and Carbonized embark on their upcoming tours and promote ‘Limbo’ to audiences worldwide, they are poised to solidify their status as leaders in the global death metal scene, showcasing their renewed ferocity and unwavering dedication to their craft.

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