Mesopotamian Melechesh to unveil ‘Enki’ opus this Winter

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

Mesopotamian Assyrian Armenian obscured metal octahedrons Melechesh are to yield this Winter Solstice their sixth full-length studio album, entitled in its complexity as ‘Enki’, alluding to the quintessential enlightenment of the Sumerian god latterly known as Ea. This in both Akkadian and Babylonian Mythologies, whilst was originally the patron god of the city of Eridu, referred to as a cult martyr throughout the Mesopotamian, Canaanites, Hittites and Hurrians civilizations.

Furthermore, ‘Enki’ is scheduled for release on February 27th, 2015 throughout European shores, March 2nd, 2015 in the United Kingdom and March 10th, 2015 in the United States Of America, after unforeseen troubling circumstances. ‘Enki’ is the successor of Melechesh‘s remarkable and highly acclaimed studio record ‘The Epigenesis’, which has been released on October 25th, 2010 by Nuclear Blast Records.

Melechesh has a deeply inspirational singularity toward an extremely personal perspective brought by their own awareness, yet fulfilled with a grand metamorphic chemistry that often resounds the spiritual walls of cosmic elevation, while entwining mythological philosophies as reference It makes them a quartet unchained from the common norm, therefore projecting them toward a lunatic divergence of mystical, cosmopolitan misanthropy.

One might rightfully state that Melechesh are the retro-avantgarde migrators of a somewhat forgotten religion, a subterranean subsect that has been lost through the ages yet still deeply present in their conceptual abstractions as a source of origin, a point of ending with a golden beginning.

The ‘Enki’ artwork gathers all the pre-Mesopotamian elements, in retrospective to its origins thought the Sumerian eras that once overruled the planet as the first civilization known by mankind.

[blockquote cite=”Ashmedi”]For the artwork we collaborated again with John Coulthart, who has done our previous two album covers. The art reflects the dynamics of the album and the world of Melechesh: order and chaos. It amalgamates several spiritual, cultural and mythological concepts from the Near/Middle East and our lyrical aspects. Again it was based in the golden ratio which for the purpose of this album seemed suitable. The pillars featured here are a continuation from the previous album and lead to a path of knowledge. John always manages to capture the essence of Melechesh.[/blockquote]

  1. ‘Tempest Temper Enlil Enraged’
  2. ‘The Pendulum Speaks’
  3. ‘Lost Tribes’
  4. ‘Multiple Truths’
  5. ‘Enki – Divine Nature Awoken’
  6. ‘Metatron And Man’
  7. ‘The Palm The Eye And Lapis Lazuli’
  8. ‘Doorways To Irkalla’
  9. ‘The Outsiders’

‘Enki’ is available for pre-order directly through Nuclear Blast Records online store on the following formats:

  • Limited Digipack CD for $14.99 EUR (roughly $19.00 USD or $47.000 COP) available for pre-order.
  • Limited Digipack CD plus exclusive t-shirt (100% cotton) for $22.99 EUR (roughly $29.00 USD or $69.000 COP) available for pre-order.
  • Black double vinyl in gatefold version for $19.99 EUR (roughly $25.00 USD or $60.000 COP) available for pre-order.
  • Silver double vinyl in gatefold edition limited to 300 copies worldwide $21.99 EUR (roughly $28.00 USD or $65.000 COP) available for pre-order.

Melechesh spent one month in their rehearsal room in Hinzweiler, Germany arranging their new material, to then enter the studio in Athens, Greece for the period of six weeks, in an effort to capture the Mediterranean essence of the their origins. The album has been recorded by Giorgos Bokos (former Nightfall and Rotting Christ guitar player , currently involved with Stone Cold Dead), while Jonas Kjellgren (former Carnal Forge, Dellamorte, Centinex, October Tide and current guitar player for Scar Symmetry) took care of the mixing and mastering process at his Black Lounge Studios, in Sweden. Drums were recorded at Devasoundz Studios with Fotis Benardo (former Septicflesh, and Nightrage).

[blockquote cite=”Ashmedi”]Again we chose to record in a Mediterranean area to capture the Melechesh essence. We have many good friends here and have toured with some Greek bands over the years and everyone here is being very helpful to this work. In keeping with our tradition all songs are diverse and tell different stories both lyrically and musically, from the black thrash to the ritualistic tribal tunes to the more in your face rocking and neck breaking songs. Last couple of years where extremely challenging for me and this rubbed on the album for the better, abstract moods such as post-enlightenment depth, sonic magick, anger and retribution. Metaphorically speaking, it is a Sumerian sonic deluge to cleanse us from drones, parasites and insects interpret that as you see fit. So far the collaboration is great and Giorgos is working tirelessly and pushing us to the limits to get the best results. Fotis did an amazing job went above and beyond to get a killer drum sound, class act. New comer Narsam did some serious and relentless beating on the drum skins.[/blockquote]

‘Enki’ features the twelve-string electric guitars along with the traditional six-strings, for a heavier and subtly richer harmonic sonority.

If you can recall correctly, Ashmedi unveiled his Fernandes Guitars twelve-string signature edition earlier in 2013. The unique edition was named Vortex Scimitar twelve-string electric guitar, arguably the first mass produced twelve-string ever produced in a V shape, which back then offered the exquisiteness of a new approach toward metal music.

[blockquote cite=”Ashmedi”]The first time I played a 12-string I noticed that I could compose Melechesh tracks differently. New ideas started popping up and basically the 12-string opened a ton of new musical dimensions to me. I was very glad when Fernandes took on this adventurous endeavour and made it a reality. The octave sounds are subtle and great when playing power chords, single notes and fast riffing. To an extent, you get a feeling of a storm or an orchestra accompanying you when playing the Scimitar. Hopefully this will open up some new musical ideas in the extreme metal scene.[/blockquote]

Melechesh also tuned their instruments to the 432 Hz frequency rather than the standardized 440 Hz, for a deeper sonic experience within the human psyche and in accordance to vibrations of the universe. The upcoming new record also includes several steamed special musicians such as vocalists Max Cavalera (Soulfly, Killer Be Killed, and Cavalera Conspiracy) and Sakis Tolis (from Greek Rotting Christ), as well as guest lead by Rob Caggiano (Volbeat, former Anthrax).

And the insight on how this cooperation that came to be was stated by Ashmedi, which clearly could not hold in contempt;

[blockquote cite=”Ashmedi”]I am flattered and honored to have esteemed guests appear on this multifaceted album. ‘Enki’ solicited different approaches and new experiences. Max is a lion – I love his voice and the tribal and historic parallels of our lives are uncanny, he did an amazing job on ‘Lost Tribes’. Sakis is an old friend and we toured together in the past. His voice added another dimension of mysticism on our ‘Enki – Divine Nature Awoken’. Rob and I always wanted to collaborate and he is an agile and excellent guitar player so the lead he did on ‘The Palm, The Eye And Lapis Lazuli’ was perfect , it rocks and serves the track well. They all did an outstanding job and went above and beyond to make it happen despite their busy schedules. Melechesh is more than a band – it is a society![/blockquote]

Max Cavalera vocal power withstands beyond the typical tribalistic approach used by other singers, ranging from screaming with anger to fulfilling a song with a native liking alá Brazilian tribalistic essence that soon characterized him as one of the most representative singers using such approach in his compositions.

[blockquote cite=”Max Cavalera”]I was very honored that Melechesh asked me to sing on their new album! I’m a big fan and I think ‘The Epigenesis’ is one of the greatest extreme metal records ever done! I love the fact that they come from a different part of the world like me. So our worlds finally collide! Long live Melechesh![/blockquote]

Despite the fact that Rob Caggiano‘s way of playing ranges from thrash metal to a somehow heavy, with a ink of industrial vibes at times, it will be interesting to hear his contribution on this new studio record;

[blockquote cite=”Rob Caggiano”]I’ve been a fan of Melechesh for a while now and it was an honour for me to play a solo on their new album!! These guys sound like nothing else out there![/blockquote]

Sakis Tolis, on the other hand is a quite familiar singer due to his long-standing involvement with Greek veterans, Rotting Christ;

[blockquote cite=”Sakis Tolis”]When I was told that our brother band Melechesh would record their upcoming album in my hometown, I immediately picked up the phone and called Ashmedi to participate somehow. Ashmedi responded positively so I was ready to raise some serious hell… It is very interesting since we are sharing the same Mediterranean mentality as individuals. I believe this new album is one of the most unique and atmospheric metal albums I have heard the last years. Ashmedi took me to their majestic oriental path and showed me the way to the new Babylon. I am definitely proud working with the ’Kings Of Fire’ and I really recommend to check new Melechesh album – it is really good![/blockquote]

Melechesh algo engaged in a European tour last year alongside with fellow label mates, Polish death metal veterans Vader in April of 2013, which went across countries as Denmark, France, Germany, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Italy, and Czech Republic.

Shortly after the tour with Vader, Melechesh found themselves with some line-up changes, and during early 2014 they decided it was best to announce the recruitment of a new drum player, Sasha Horn.

[blockquote cite=”Ashmedi”]After a lengthy search Melechesh are proud to announce the inclusion of new drummer Sasha Horn. He will be appearing on the upcoming album which we will follow up with more details. Meanwhile he flew in from the USA to our rehearsal room in Germany to work with the band on new material and meet the label guys and the chemistry was great. His drumming skills will sure bring in an extra kick to the new album.[/blockquote]

Besides the rumours and uncertainties surrounding the quartet in regards to their second guitar player, Melechesh also released the following statement:

[blockquote cite=”Ashmedi”]After one show it became obvious things wouldn’t work out with Sirus, so we mutually agreed to go separate ways. For now the position is not vacant until a great talent crosses our ways. Ashmedi will track guitars and former guitarist and long time friend Moloch might be flying to the studio for recordings but not touring as well. We have two great touring guitarist who are friends of ours and will step in as live session musicians.[/blockquote]

All other announcements regarding members who were supposedly members in the band are void due to glitches which were beyond their control.

[blockquote cite=”Ashmedi”]Scorpios has been in Melechesh for two and a half years but we never announced him, others were not in the band for a day but were pushing for press announcement for some reason or another, but in reality they were not members, its behind us now. Moloch is and always will be a part of Melechesh in one way or another. Narsam came in the picture last june and came from Toulouse, France to the rehearsal room in Germany and spent one month rehearsing with us, he finished his sessions last week and he did an great job. As always live we go on with a session Nomadic Soul, whoever is under this veil is one.[/blockquote]

Ashmedi recently gave an interview to Canadian TV Show, The Cool Guy Files. The interview was conducted while Melechesh were on tour through North America. You can watch the entire episode below.

Due to the diversity of nationalities and cultures now presented in the band line up, Melechesh benefits of a notorious universal singularity instead of being restrained to Jerusalem, without adhering to any man-made virtual borders.

Even though media press mistakenly stigmatizes Melechesh as a black metal oriented quartet, rationality and sheer logic equally balanced with knowledge on the Sumerian Mythology as a devotee, demands me to detach them from such unparalleled dimension, as they might admittedly sound darkened and gloomy in the sonorous essence which closely may or may not resound to black metal as an imposing subgenre, nevertheless the Mesopotamian boundaries sets them apart from a more modern and man-crafted belief often captured throughout the entireness of the painful satanic alike lyricism that lays underneath, this speaking music wise of course.

As always, one may expect nothing but conviction, credibility and quality coming from Melechesh.

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