Sonic Syndicate pushes digital with fifth album

Martha del Pilar Moreno
Martha del Pilar Moreno

Sonic Syndicate has made a treat for all those fans around the world to acquire its self-titled album on July 4th.

Even so I believe that hard copies are somewhat of a treasure, I must admit that when you are not in Europe or North America, finding and obtaining CD’s or hard copies is almost like smuggling merchandise. It takes days if not weeks to get to its destination, and it can become a real inconvenience. But the Anglo-Swedish that represents what is a new sound in metal Sonic Syndicate decided to release its fifth album as a digipack through Nuclear Blast Records… All 11 tracks of it.

About why as band Sonic Syndicate decided to self-titled this album, after 4 releases the band felt this album defined them.

We decided to go with this one as a ‘self-titled’ release. Mainly because as an album, we have put everything we’ve got into it. All of our experience as musicians, the evolution of the music, the sound from all eras of the band, and also the road we have taken as people. This is us, this is Sonic Syndicate in all its beauty and destruction. It shows our strength, our love for melody, our scars, our energy. The cover art is a definite representation of that. In the background, a battle-torn city laid to waste, four figures emerging together with only each other to depend on in an environment so harsh, only those with a tough heart, body and soul can survive . . . The tone throughout this album is definitely darker, and as my Swedish family would say, ‘with a red line running in the middle,’ so we put this into the color scheme. . . We could not be more proud of this album, and we thank our fans for the support; it’s because of them that we’re here. This album is for you.

Robin Sjunnesson
Sonic Syndicate

Besides the normal digipack, there is a limited edition that includes three bonus tracks, making it even more of a treat. The track list for the self-titled fifth album of Sonic Syndicate is:

  1. ‘Day Of The Dead’
  2. ‘Black Hole Halo’
  3. ‘Long Road Home’
  4. ‘My Revenge’
  5. ‘Before You Finally Break’ [featuring Speed/Soilwork]
  6. ‘Catching Fire’
  7. ‘Unbreakable’
  8. ‘It Takes Me’
  9. ‘See What I See’
  10. ‘So Addicted’
  11. ‘The Flame That Changed The World’
  12. ‘Diabolical Work Of Art’ [limited edition Bonus track]
  13. ‘What We Shared’ [limited edition Bonus track]
  14. ‘Another Soldier Down’ [limited edition Bonus track]

You can order ‘Sonic Syndicate’ at Nuclear Blast Records site.

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