The Dillinger Escape Plan keeps getting “weirder”

Martha del Pilar Moreno

Martha del Pilar Moreno

Musicians are human beings tend to complete cycles regarding their approach to their music. May the cycle be large and just one or let it be short and frequent, but rest assure it’s always, at least, one cycle any musician goes through. Metal musicians are not the exception for this as many bands go through faces and sometimes, they end up exactly where they started rather by comfort or by discovering their true part. Seem like The Dillinger Escape Plan has finished with their melodic days and they are eager to try something different, regardless of how weird it may be.

For The Dillinger Escape Plan followers, those that have been with them since the beginning, the path the band took after releasing ‘Miss Machine’ where the band parted ways from their hardcore punk influences from their origins. From that moment on, the band started to wander the realms of more melodic metal gathering some fans along the way and losing others perhaps at the same speed. But according to vocalist Greg Puciato, the band is undergoing through some musical experiments for their upcoming album, the follow-up to their 2013 ‘One Of Us Is the Killer’, which is still under arrangement.

[blockquote cite=”Greg Puciato”]So far it’s a lot weirder to me than the other stuff that we’ve done – it’s a lot less accessible which I’m sure may be a shock to people… Obviously we’ve got a lot more melodic over the years. As of right now it’s pretty weird. I don’t know if I would use the word aggressive – it’s just really a change. I honestly don’t really know how to describe it.[/blockquote]

Perhaps the material will resemble something in the lines of ‘Irony Is A Dead Scene’ EP according to guitarist Ben Weinman. If you happened to be one of those long-term fans from The Dillinger Scape Plan, you may recall that particular EP as one of those weird collaboration with vocalist Mike Patton, a singer well-known for his eccentric approach to music which is evidently put on the cover the band made of Aphex Twin’s ‘Come to Daddy’.

[blockquote cite=”Ben Weinman”]This one’s definitely… I mean it’s Dillinger, there’s always like a potpourri of textures that go on. It’s all over the spectrum. I haven’t even heard what Greg’s doing on it yet. He’s out in California just working on it on his own. But musically it’s been written over a span of like two years. And I’d say there’s some weirder moments on it… I feel like it’s a little bit more in the realm of the ‘Irony Is A Dead Scene’ EP or maybe ‘Ire Works’. I think we’re probably going to release it in a more interesting way than we have in the past, we’re not sure, probably try to do it not too traditionally.[/blockquote]

If this is the case, it seems like a good idea to brace yourselves for collision, for it will be highly different from what you have become used to with The Dillinger Escape Plan. As the band progresses on the recording, what is left for the fans to do is waiting and keep the patience going.

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