Multinational religious eerie power act Powerwolf have published the mixing completion of their forthcoming studio album, ‘Blessed & Possessed’. The record-keeping of the new opus took place at the Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden with masterminds Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd.

The album which was mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios, and its catalogued for release on July via Napalm Records, the longstanding Austrian record company. The album’s cover artwork was shafted by the act’s guitar player, Matthew Greywolf.

[blockquote cite=”Powerwolf”]We have just had the pleasure to listen to the mastered album for the very first time. We’re more than proud and satisfied with the result, and yet can hardly believe to have finished this intense production. Both Fredrik Nordström and Jens Bogrendid killer jobs giving these songs exactly the sound they need.[/blockquote]

Powerwolf are currently performing on a very special tour, Wolfsnächte Tour, accompanied by Swedish troopers Civil War (the newcomers assembled by former Sabaton musicians), German power metal Orden Ogan and Dutch, German symphonic metallers Xandria. A tour powered by Metal Hammer Magazine, EMP Merchandising, Metaltix, Musix, Piranha, Rock It! and

[blockquote cite=”Powerwolf”]We’re happy to have gathered a great lineup for the upcoming Wolfsnächte Tour 2015[/blockquote]

Wolfsnächte 2015

Tickets are accessible via By obtaining your ticket from one of these outlets, you will have the opportunity to purchase a ticket alongside a limited-edition four-track EP, which includes the previously unreleased and exclusive Powerwolf track ‘Stronger Than The Sacrament’.

In respects to the direction of the brand-new album, it has been beforehand said that:

[blockquote cite=”Matthew Greywolf”]Without revealing too much, you can expect an album that’s 100% uncompromising Powerwolf stuff. There’s songs to go wild to, there’re epic and atmospheric stuff, and a lot of wolfish metal madness in between, and quite a bunch of songs that will be must-plays on any future Powerwolf show, for damn sure.[/blockquote]


Powerwolf’s fifth studio record, entitled ‘Preachers Of The Night’, earned its way into the German charts at the No. 1 position. The album was released in July 2013 via Napalm Records.

Powerwolf’s live relique, ‘Alive In The Night’ was recorded exclusively for Metal Hammer Magazine; Germany’s leading heavy metal publication. The live album was utterly released by Metal Hammer Magazine in April’s 2012 issue.

The forthcoming album promises to nurture the dark themed and theoretical essence they have masterfully approximated throughout their questionable lyricism and religious contractions toward traditional power metal, including the practice of facial paint, gothic-tinged presentations and literature about Romanian lycanthropes and temptresses vampires, all entwined with darkened supernatural fairy tales and urban fables.

Individually speaking, I am not a mighty fan of power metal I must admit, notwithstanding, Powerwolf anyhow grasped my attention and surely will catch yours as well, freely of your musical tastes, whether a power metal fan or not, one must acknowledge that the German quintet are indeed, a talented compulsive authority to take into thoughtful deliberation.

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