Blut Aus Nord hand over an unusual single, ‘Paien’

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

France has the capacity to offspring a variety of oddly oriented metal musicians, being atmospheric blackened occultans Blut Aus Nord one of foremost prominent and disharmonious dominations that within haste, strives to capture our attention in a very delicate manner from afar.

You may infrequently read favoring articles about black metal acts when it has been penned by me, true; nonetheless I cannot overshadow Blut Aus Nord in personal disdain. Although I concede that I do often bash other than praise – the certain uncommonly known – Blut Aus Nord brings abstract paintings entwined within musical fusions that surpasses the boredom of this misanthropic act, it remain the very few in a genre in which my praising rises above my egomaniacal, self-centered technical empowerment.

Their charismatic and distinguished sonority beholds all the grimly hatred elements that earlier trademarked the black metal orchestrations as sharp, sore and raspy, aggressively fast in some devious contours, yet melodically decaying whence both ambient and atmospheric incursions interconnect altogether to entangle, creating a terrifying sense of chaos within order in its own twisted complexity.

At this late hour I am at ease listening to their new studio record entitled ‘Memoria Vetusta III – Saturnian Poetry’, that was unleashed on October 10th via Debemur Morti Productions, an album which, despite the clearly propositioned rawness, echoes alike a legion of storming blazing demons dying occasionally at the arms of serene moments of discomfort. Top-notch atmospheric black metal with perverse and blade cutting edges, combined perfectly with melancholic, I dare say, almost evangelical vocal chores does not leave much of a margin to simply define them as a vulgar outfit, as Blut Aus Nord through the entire new record, transpire a tremendous force of rebellionship.

With this said without moving any further into the areas of my hallucinations, the Frenchmen decided to pour a single titled ‘Paien’, which, if I can recall correctly, has been originally available back in September to suddenly disappear, as they strangely did remained unnoticed for most of their musical career due to uncertain reasons (or perhaps, the beauty behind Blut Aus Nord it is the mysticism and secrecy that surrounds them), it is gratifying to finally spot them in an overdue gratification as I cannot possibly recommend enough this new record to all of the black metal followers of the musical style.

It has been two years since Blut Aus Nord released ‘777: Cosmosophy’ which drew the attention and praise of both critics and black metal fans alike, despite the fact that the conclusion of the trilogy detached the act aside from one outlet to another, consistently pioneering and further venturing their sound apart from the known limbs of the distinctive black metal standards, and sometimes, mediocrity. Blut Aus Nord reinvented, went idiosyncratic and recreated themselves in this new album, yet keeping their deeply rooted chemistry.

Mastermind Vindsval (which is likewise involved in Children Of Maani, The Eye) chose to go only along this album, even thus recently recruiting a session drum player that passes by the name of Thorns. The artwork illustrating ‘Memoria Vetusta III – Saturnian Poetry’ was crafted by none other than the infamous stellar artist, Kristian Wahlin (with layout assistance provided by Dehn Sora).

At a personal level, I may add that ‘Memoria Vetusta III – Saturnian Poetry’ is a respectable release, capped with an unparalleled symmetry of its own… I am indeed, truly amazed with this brilliant masterpiece.

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