Deathstars Reveal Album Details, Releases ‘Angel of Fortune and Crime’ Video

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

Deathstars, the Swedish industrial metal ensemble, have unveiled an official lyric video for their song ‘Angel of Fortune and Crime,’ and on May 5th, 2023, Deathstars will release their fifth studio album, ‘Everything Destroys You,’ via Nuclear Blast Records.

Vocalist Andreas Bergh remarked, “for me, this song has pretty clear and present Deathstars-DNA, but with some new bloodlines in it… I mean it’s a pretty straightforward groovy jet-black tune, but with a certain vocal melody in the latter part to break the pattern completely. Almost like a piece of darkness with some hope to it, but without the hope of course, haha.”

Lead guitarist Emil Nödtveidt produced ‘Everything Destroys You’ at Black Syndicate in Stockholm, Sweden, with mixing and mastering by Jay Ruston in Los Angeles, California.

The band’s previous album, ‘The Perfect Cult,’ was released in 2014, nearly nine years prior. Emil Nödtveidt explained the lengthy gap between releases, saying, “the reason it’s been taking so long is that we simply wanted – and needed – a break after intense touring and so on, and on top of that the pandemic happened so tours were postponed and the release with them, so it feels fantastic to finally be able to present ‘Everything Destroys You.’”

Frontman Andreas Bergh added that the album “this album is more of an outgoing piece and feels well calibrated when it comes to illustrating the band’s world for the last years.”

Hailing from the land of Sweden, Deathstars is an industrial metal ensemble that has captured the hearts and minds of fans around the world. Blending distinctive musical elements with thought-provoking themes, the band has successfully carved a niche for themselves within the metal genre.

Deathstars originated in 2000, when members of various renowned Swedish metal bands, including Swordmaster, Ophthalamia, and Dissection, decided to come together to form a new musical entity. The founding members were Andreas Bergh (Whiplasher Bernadotte) on vocals, Emil Nödtveidt (Nightmare Industries) on guitar and keyboards, Erik Halvorsen (Beast X Electric) on guitar, Ole Öhman (Bone W. Machine) on drums, and Jonas Kangur (Skinny Disco) on bass. The band’s unique moniker was inspired by the concept of “stars of death,” signifying their ambition to make a significant impact in the world of metal music.

The ideology of Deathstars can be described as a blend of dark themes, futuristic narratives, and socio-political commentary. They often explore the darker aspects of human existence, delving into topics like mortality, existentialism, and the human condition. Additionally, their music is imbued with elements of science fiction and dystopian visions, reflecting a fascination with the future and the potential consequences of technological advancements. This distinctive fusion of themes has resulted in a thought-provoking and engaging musical experience for their fans.

Deathstars’ debut album, ‘Synthetic Generation,’ released on March 25th, 2002, through Nuclear Blast Records, introduced the world to their distinctive blend of industrial metal and darkly theatrical themes. From the opening track, ‘Semi-Automatic,’ the band showcased their talent for crafting memorable hooks and anthemic choruses, while the title track ‘Synthetic Generation’ emphasized their penchant for brooding atmospheres and sinister melodies. The album was well-received by critics and fans alike, who praised its innovative sound and compelling lyrical content.

The cover art for ‘Synthetic Generation’ features a desolate futuristic cage, with the band’s logo prominently displayed in the foreground. This evocative imagery effectively conveys the dystopian themes that pervade the album’s tracks.

Four years after their debut, on January 27th, 2006, Deathstars returned with ‘Termination Bliss,’ an album that saw the band refine their sound and further develop their unique aesthetic. Songs like ‘Cyanide’ and ‘Blitzkrieg’ showcase the band’s knack for creating infectious, industrial-tinged metal anthems, while tracks like ‘The Last Ammunition’ and ‘Tongues’ display a more introspective side. ‘Termination Bliss’ solidified Deathstars’ status as a force to be reckoned with in the industrial metal scene.

The artwork for ‘Termination Bliss’ features a striking image of a woman caged in an asylum, symbolizing the fusion of humanity and madness that is a central theme of the album.

Night Electric Night’ marked a further evolution in Deathstars’ sound on January 30th, 2009, with the band incorporating more electronic elements and experimenting with diverse musical textures. Standout tracks such as ‘Night Electric Night’ and ‘Chertograd’ demonstrate their ability to craft catchy, synth-driven metal anthems, while songs like ‘Via the End’ and ‘Babylon’ delve into more introspective territory. ‘Night Electric Night’ received critical acclaim for its ambitious scope and continued growth of the band’s distinctive style.

The cover art for ‘Night Electric Night’ is a striking band photograph, with a monochromatic image of a futuristic metropolis as the background, partially obscured by an angular, geometric pattern. This striking visual reflects the album’s fusion of organic and synthetic sounds, as well as its exploration of themes like identity and the human experience in a technologically driven world.

‘The Perfect Cult,’ Deathstars’ fourth studio album released on June 13th, 2014, saw the band further expand their sonic palette, incorporating elements of gothic rock and darkwave into their signature industrial metal sound. The album’s lead single, ‘All the Devil’s Toys,’ is a prime example of this new direction, with its driving rhythm, haunting melodies, and anthemic chorus. Other highlights include ‘Explode,’ with its infectious groove, and ‘Ghost Reviver,’ which showcases the band’s penchant for atmospheric, brooding soundscapes. ‘The Perfect Cult’ was praised for its innovative approach and willingness to push boundaries.

The artwork for ‘The Perfect Cult’ features a mysterious, shadowy ancient sculpture, evoking a sense of ancient danger and intrigue. This enigmatic image complements the album’s dark, seductive, and hypnotic themes.

Deathstars’ discography is a testament to their growth as musicians and their ability to consistently push the boundaries of industrial metal. Each album has built upon the foundations laid by its predecessor, resulting in a diverse and engaging body of work. From the futuristic landscapes of ‘Synthetic Generation’ to the gothic-tinged darkness of ‘The Perfect Cult,’ Deathstars has consistently delivered powerful, thought-provoking music that resonates with fans worldwide.

Deathstars’ album covers have always played an integral role in communicating the themes and concepts of their music. Utilizing striking visuals and evocative imagery, the band has consistently created memorable and impactful cover art that serves as the perfect visual accompaniment to their sonic explorations. Whether it is the desolate futuristic landscape of ‘Synthetic Generation,’ the cybernetic seductress on ‘Termination Bliss,’ the geometric fusion of humanity and technology on ‘Night Electric Night,’ or the enigmatic figure bathed in red light on ‘The Perfect Cult,’ Deathstars’ album covers are an essential component of their artistic identity.

Regarding ‘Everything Destroys You’ is believed to be autobiographical in nature. Bergh stated, “‘Everything Destroys You’ is the face of the excesses of our nights of opulence in the city. We always write about our lives, and there’s no fiction, spirituality, or soul in the marrow of Deathstars…. It’s just the scarred city life in the raw.”

A music video directed by Johan Lundsten for the song ‘This Is’ was filmed. Bergh shared, “We had a lot of discussions regarding the first video…. At some point it was going to be filmed in Mexico City, the next day Paris or Belgrade, but we ended up just filming it in Stockholm, where we live. It was kind of a slimmed down production, shooting for a couple of days in the old slaughterhouse area in Stockholm. We wanted to do a video with no green screen or blue box, just a straightforward rock video that illustrates what this band is about in less than four minutes. It was weird shooting it where we did. We actually filmed it in ‘Slaktkyrkan,’ which means ‘the slaughter church,’ and the scenario… well, in one corner you could see a very androgynous looking Cat in high heels with a lot of weird lights all around him, in another corner Nightmare strapped to some fence in a straitjacket, then we had Skinny with a chainsaw and an angle grinder – just decapitating mannequins, Nitro toiling in a sea of fire and drums, and also me with my 130 kilo python, who is 6.3 meters long and her name is Cruella. Interesting creature! She was very heavy to walk around with; sliding around my shoulders and constantly licking my neck with her tongue. We had a good time.”

Another music video for the track ‘Midnight Party’ was recorded in Stockholm. It shows the band attending a packed club show, watching a Deathstars female cover band comprised of Pepper Potemkin on vocals (The Heard), Emlee Johansson on guitars (ex-drummer of Thundermother), Izzy Scarecrow on guitars, Risa Andersson on bass, and Lina Anderberg on drums.

Regarding the song, Bergh shared, “I wanted to write a kind of worst slash filthy slash dark yet catchy party song and lyrics; something that was bad in a good way – bringing moral downfall up- to – speed al dente…” Bergh shared. “It’s about those times when you end up binge partying and don’t go to sleep for days, it’s just constantly midnight with the additional clear and present downward spiral and debauchery that eventually makes you go insane. The party that never stops until you collapse. Very different from David Lee Roth-poolpartyrock, to say the least.”

In conclusion, Deathstars has made an indelible mark on the industrial metal landscape with their innovative sound, thought-provoking themes, and striking visual aesthetic. Their discography stands as a testament to their creative evolution and dedication to pushing the boundaries of their genre. As fans eagerly await the band’s next artistic endeavor, there is no doubt that Deathstars will continue to captivate and challenge listeners with their unique blend of darkness, futurism, and social commentary.

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