Dying Fetus Premieres the Blood-Curdling ‘Unbridled Fury’ Video Single

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

Dying Fetus, the renowned overlords of death metal, have recently released a powerful new digital single in tandem with a stunning accompanying video. Directed by Eric Richter, the video is an intense experience that immerses the viewer in the track. This is the band’s second single of the year, and while there has been no formal announcement, fans are eagerly awaiting news of a new album.

Dying Fetus is a well-known North American grinding death metal band that was formed in 1991. They are led by vocalist and guitarist John Gallagher, bassist and backing vocalist Sean Beasley, and drummer Trey Williams. Dying Fetus, from Upper Marlboro, Maryland, is regarded as the forefathers of their genre. The band was founded by John Gallagher and Jason Netherton, with Netherton leaving shortly after. The lineup has shifted several times since then, the most recent being the addition of Mike Kimball in 2017.

The band’s distinct sound combines technical death metal, thrash metal, and grindcore elements with a heavy emphasis on breakdowns and grooves. Throughout their career, Dying Fetus has released eight studio albums, two live albums, and several EPs, each displaying their signature sound of intense technical death metal and grindcore.

In terms of musical genre, death metal, and grindcore are two of the most extreme and aggressive metal subgenres. They take elements from all metal subgenres, such as thrash, black, and doom, and push them to their limits. Grindcore is known for its aggressive, relentless sound and short bursts of intense riffs and drums, whereas death metal focuses on technicality and extreme songwriting.

Dying Fetus’ music incorporates elements from both genres, such as complex guitar riffs and solos, intense double bass drumming, and guttural death metal vocals. The band also makes extensive use of breakdowns and blast beats, resulting in a distinct sound that helps to distinguish them from other death metal and grindcore bands.

Dying Fetus explores a variety of themes, including politics, religion, and personal struggles, but they are also known for their sense of humor, frequently making a spectacle of various topics and pop culture references.

‘Purification Through Violence,’ Dying Fetus’ debut album, was released on August 6th, 1996. The album was the Maryland-based grindcore death metal pioneers’ first full-length release on the record label Pulverizer Records, which, contrary to popular belief, is still active. Scott Hull, a metal fan from Washington D.C. who also played in a metal band, founded Pulverizer Records in 1998.

Pulverizer Records initially specialized in death metal, grindcore, and grindcore-influenced bands such as Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Pig Destroyer. Hull had a penchant for signing up-and-coming bands who were well-known in their underground scenes, and the label proliferated.

By the 2000s, however, Hull had expanded Pulverizer’s roster to include metalcore acts such as Zao and Every Time I Die, as well as a slew of international bands. Hull was also involved in music production, and the label began releasing vinyl recordings of some of its more popular acts. Pulverizer Records is still active today, with a large roster of metal, grindcore, and metalcore bands from all over the world, which may explain why Dying Fetus’ collaboration with the label was so clear and concise.

Returning to ‘Purification Through Violence,’ the album showcases the band’s intense and technical sound, which combines elements of death metal, grindcore, and thrash. There are fast and heavy riffs and solos, intense double bass drumming, and guttural growls and screams.

The album’s lyrical themes are dark and depressing, focusing on death, suffering, and personal struggles. It features several memorable songs, including the classic tracks ‘Blunt Force Trauma’ and ‘Permanently Disfigured.’ ‘Purification Through Violence’ is widely regarded as one of the most influential death metal and grindcore albums. It was praised by both critics and fans, and it cemented Dying Fetus’ prestige as one of the most renowned bands in the extreme metal world. It also features a Napalm Death cover, ‘Scum.’

The album was re-released in January 2011 as a limited 20th-anniversary edition with bonus tracks, including previously unreleased demo recordings. It demonstrates Dying Fetus’ long-lasting influence on the metal world.

Dying Fetus signed a one-album deal with German indie label Morbid Records in 1998. ‘Killing on Adrenaline,’ the band’s second album, was released almost immediately after on July 27, 1998. The album is regarded as the band’s most aggressive and intense album to date, fusing elements of death metal, grindcore, and thrash.

The album features memorable tracks such as ‘We Are Your Enemy,’ ‘Absolute Defiance,’ and ‘Procreate the Malformed,’ in addition to the band’s signature sound. The album’s lyrical themes focused on death and suffering, as well as personal struggles and social issues.

Dying Fetus signed with Relapse Records in 2000, firmly establishing them as one of the most influential and well-known names in extreme metal. Relapse Records, their new label, is an independent record label based in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, founded in 1990 by Matthew F. Jacobson. The label specializes in metal music and has released albums by numerous well-known bands, including Incantation, Myrkur, Destruction, Abysmal Dawn, Obituary, and Death.

Dying Fetus’ third studio album, ‘Destroy the Opposition,’ was released on October 3, 2000, after signing with Relapse Records. It also featured guitarist Mike Kimball, singer Vince Matthews, bassist, and backup vocalist Sean Beasley, and the return of Eric Sayenga on drums.

Dying Fetus released their fourth studio album, ‘Stop at Nothing,’ on May 13, 2003, and it was produced by Jason Suecof and featured a number of memorable tracks such as ‘One Shot, One Kill,’ ‘Abandon All Hope’ and ‘Onslaught of Malice.’ It was the band’s first album with political themes, and the songs address a variety of social and political issues. Musically, the album is far more technical and aggressive than their previous efforts, with a number of groove-oriented tracks.

The album was well-received by fans and critics alike, and it was named one of the top 100 extreme metal albums of all time by now-defunct Terrorizer Magazine. The track ‘One Shot, One Kill’ was showcased in a promotional video, and the album remains one of the band’s most popular releases.

Due to the success of ‘Stop at Nothing,’ Dying Fetus went on to tour extensively and gained even more exposure when their music video for ‘One Shot, One Kill’ aired on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball. ‘Stop at Nothing’ remains one of the band’s most influential albums to this day, and has been cited as an influence by a number of extreme metal acts. It is still regarded as a must-have for any death metal or grindcore fan.

However, the core lineup for ‘Stop at Nothing’ gradually dissolved over the years. Frontman Vince Matthews left to form his own band, Criminal Element after drummer Erik Sayenga left yet again. After that, bassist Sean Beasley took over on vocals, and in 2006, former Divine Empire and Broken Hope drummer Duane Timlin joined the band as the new drummer.

On March 6th, 2007, the band’s new lineup released their fifth studio album ‘War of Attrition.’ The album included musical explorations of a variety of political and social issues, including criticism of reality television, the war on terrorism, racial ignorance, and flaws in the criminal justice system. ‘Homicidal Retribution,’ for which a music video was made, as well as ‘Raping the System’ and ‘Parasites of Catastrophe,’ were among the notable tracks. ‘War of Attrition’ received widespread critical acclaim and is still regarded as a must-have album for any fan of extreme metal.

Dying Fetus underwent another lineup change in July 2007 when drummer Duane Timlin was fired due to incompatibilities. Trey Williams, a former member of the Baltimore band Severed Head, took his place. Shortly after, lead guitarist and vocalist Mike Kimball left the band, leaving them as a trio.

Descend into Depravity,’ the band’s sixth full-length album, was released on Relapse Records on September 15h, 2009. ‘Reign Supreme,’ their follow-up album, was released three years later on June 19th, 2012.

On April 2nd, 2012, the album’s first single, ‘Subjected to a Beating,’ was released. The album received widespread praise from critics and fans alike, cementing the band’s place as one of the most important death metal acts of the twenty-first century.

By mid-April 2017, Dying Fetus had officially announced their eighth studio album, entitled ‘Wrong One to Fuck With,’ via their social media accounts. This album was released on June 23rd, 2017, and was accompanied by a promotional video featuring Gallagher, Williams, Beasley, and Associates – Death Metal Attorney’s at Law.

The album and its accompanying music videos were met with widespread critical acclaim. It was even featured in the South Park episode ‘Band in China’ in 2019, showcasing the band’s immense popularity and success. The album debuted at number 2 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart and number 134 on the Billboard 200, proving that the band was still a force to be reckoned with in the metal scene.

The video for ‘Unbridled Fury’ is a gripping visual experience showcasing the band’s raw talent and powerful sound. With a flurry of intense shots, the visuals perfectly capture the energy of the track and provide an unforgettable experience for viewers. The video also features some of the band’s classic imagery combined with new and exciting visuals, making it a must-watch for any fan of the band.

Dying Fetus have begun their winter tour, which is being supported by Nasty, Cabal, and Frozen Soul. The tour commenced in Köln, Germany, and will end on February 22nd in München, Germany. Fans will be able to watch the band perform in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, France, and many other countries during the tour.

Chaos & Carnage Tour 2023

This spring, Dying Fetus will join forces with Suicide Silence for the Chaos & Carnage Tour. Born of Osiris, Aborted, Sanguisugabogg, Crown Magnetar, and Slay Squad will also provide support for this tour, which will take the band to many cities across North America. This is sure to be a memorable event for fans of the band and should not be missed.

Dying Fetus has become a widely esteemed and authoritative band in the death metal and grindcore scenes after nearly three decades of existence. They have toured extensively around the world, performing on stage with some of metal’s biggest names.

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