Our Last Enemy lycanthropic ‘Wolves Of Perigord’ single

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

This is the first time I got to hear from Eclipse Records, however, it is not the same case for Australian metallers Our Last Enemy. If you reckon, they were featured in our pages as well as on our radio station amid 2012, their frontman Oliver Fogwell was interviewed and kindly provided us with an audio jingle for one of our shows.

Personally, I have been friends with Oliver Fogwell on Facebook since then, we haven’t spoken for about two years, but I follow his news feed as he seems to be quite of a humble and interesting mate to follow. Regarding his band, Our Last Enemy, their sound cannot be categorized into a specific musical style as they swift voraciously between thrashing riffs toward aggressive, yet melodic progressive death metal overtones. Sometimes it reminds me of alternative all American act Lamb Of God meets the atmospheric, grimly edge of Swedish At The Gates, grooving first powerful alá my friends from Colombian act, Patazera.

‘Wolves Of Perigord’ have been exclusively premiering in the pages of Bloody Disgusting since yesterday. The band’s latest lyrical video was taken from their recently released 2014’s ‘Pariah’ studio record. The concept behind the video relates to the iconic 2010 motion picture film, ‘Brotherhood Of The Wolf’, a film that depicts the historical events connected to of a pack of wolves that went in to slay and feed upon a French region that passes by the name of Perigord, this circa 1766, where eighteen residents were viciously stalked, attacked and later removed in a horrific way.

[blockquote cite=”Our Last Enemy”]We originally found the idea for ‘Wolves Of Perigord’ by looking up animal attacks online that we would then send to each other. One day we stumbled across this story of these wolves which plagued a region called ‘Perigord’ in France back in 1766. They killed 18 people and even King Louis put out a reward for their death.

We found a lot of similarities between the band and a pack of wolves – constantly traveling, terrorizing and moving on from town to town, only being able to rely on each other and in the case of the wolves of Perigord, persecuted for doing what comes naturally to them, which it can feel like in a band at times.

What’s funny, is that the region of Perigord is no more, but the wolves are still remembered and some of them are stuffed in a museum, yet all the people who hunted and killed them are dead and forgotten. Who really won?

This song came together the quickest on the record, and was one of the last we wrote just before we hit the studio. It kind of fell together and it turned out to be a live staple and a radio favourite. Its funny how these things can happen.[/blockquote]

The lyrical video ‘Wolves Of Perigord’ is a dark and gloomy, occult-themed song based on true events, besides the lupercalian fascination involved, the video contains hidden messages crafted by the band members as well as imaginary.

Our Last Enemy released their latest full-length earlier this year, on March 11th through Eclipse Records (home of Mushroomhead, and A Breach Of Silence just to name a few). ‘Pariah’ was produced by Christian Olde Wolbers (former Fear Factory bass and guitar player, currently playing in Arkaea and Beowülf) and recorded at Temple Studios, in Los Angeles, United States Of America. The band features former Genitorturers guitar player, Bryce Bernius.

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