Noctem remits ‘The Adamantine Doors’ single to ancestry

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

Briefly after the American and Australian release of their newest offspring, the ‘Exilium’ studio record which was unleashed through Prosthetic Records, Iberian blackened Noctem have recently gifted us with a new promotional video to support their magnificent and alas, far more violent and coercive opus.

The video is entitled ‘The Adamantine Doors’, and has surfaced in the media as one of the most breath grasping conceptual thrillers ever to come out from Noctem. Scripted around witchcraft’s cinematographic deviliances, nonetheless, quite medially oriented toward the medieval drift of a far forgotten era in which chemistry united with other formulas and natural spell crafting arts all in conjuration with desperate summonings, ‘The Adamantine Doors’ portraits an aura of chaotic impulses that argues for us to violently succumb to the intensity of their musical soundtrack.

Noctem surprisingly set themselves apart from the evidently pre-Behemoth era which dwell in their previous records, forsooth, this video shown us a far more distinguished sonority, refinishing aggressiveness with mid-paced tempos that often resound to orchestral disharmonies, storming drumming and bass lines accompanied closely by sharpened guitar riffing and hellish vocalizations grant Noctem a new rule set to capture higher levels when it totals to give a strong release, yet still to remain groundbreaking, I cannot deny the will that this act possesses to stand out with a personal vibe of their own.

Even thus I have their ‘Exilium’ album at hand, the opportunity to listen to it hasn’t crossed my desk, moreover, I might judge their video by stating that there have tightened their blackened death metal genre with a magnificent investment, a conceptual guideline that is best inclined to describe them, carefully nailing the older spirit of raw black metal into a well produced modern death metal masterpiece alá European style.

The video was produced by director Henry Menacho, who previously crafted their censured and outrageous ‘Eidolon’ video, and written by Noctem’s front-man Beleth.

In related news; Noctem has confirmed a new European tour alongside with Norwegian blackened hordes, Taake and Swedish Valkyria. Taake is not an unfamiliar name to them as they have already shared the stage in their previous Dollars tour through Europe, splitting duties with both Norwegian acts; Aeternus and Slegest.

Infamous Satan’s Convention Festival also confirmed Noctem presence, a festival that will gather them on stage with well-known black metallers Marduk, Nifelheim, Aeternus and Enthroned.

All in all, Noctem remains furious, driven force of nature cast aside from the commercial boundaries imposed by today’s industry, faithful to their darkened roots and uncanny magnitude.

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