OAK Release ‘Disintegrate II’ Music Video Single for Upcoming Album

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

Portuguese death doom duo OAK have released their new music video for their second single, ‘Disintegrate II,’ taken from their upcoming sophomore album ‘Disintegrate,’ which is also available for preorder on our online shop, set to be released on February 10th, 2023 via Season of Mist.

The band OAK is a Portuguese death doom metal duo comprising members from the black metal band Gaerea formed in 2017. The duo consists of Guilherme Henriques (vocals, guitars) and Pedro Soares (drums).

OAK’s music blends elements from funeral doom, creating a powerful and atmospheric experience. Their debut album, ‘Lone’ was released in 2019 via Transcending Obscurity Records. The album was praised for its unique compositions and emotional atmosphere and was compared to the likes of Neurosis, Swallow the Sun, and My Dying Bride.

In regards to ‘Disintegrate,’ the follow-up album to Gaerea’s debut album ‘Unsettling Whispers’ (2018), which was composed to better fit OAK, comes with a blistering new music video for their single ‘Disintegrate II.’ The album features one 45-minute-long song that combines the band’s unique vision and sound. Fans of death doomic metal will surely be excited about this upcoming release from OAK.

Strangely or not, Gaerea and OAK are both metal bands formed by the driving force of Gaerea. Oak was formed during the writing of Gaerea’s album ‘Unsettling Whispers’ and has a similar sound with a blend of doom, death, and funeral metal. However, both bands have been signed to Season of Mist and have released their music through Transcending Obscurity Records.

Latin American Tour 2022

As a related side note, on November 26th, 2022, the Portuguese black metal band Gaerea performed a concert in Bogotá, Colombia. The show was part of their Latin American Tour 2022 and was held at the Ace of Spades Club. The setlist for the show featured songs from their latest album, ‘Limbo,’ as well as older material from their previous releases.

Gaerea’s performance was well-received by the audience, who gave the band a standing ovation at the end of the show. The band thanked the audience and promised to return to Bogotá soon as they continued their tour.

Gaerea’s show in Colombia was an unforgettable experience for those who attended and an excellent opportunity for extreme metal fans to experience the band’s powerful music and stage presence.

Returning to OAK and its labels, Transcending Obscurity Records is an underground record label that was founded and based in India in March 2013. The label has grown to be one of the most renowned and respected independent labels in the metal scene, signing a wide range of bands from death, black, doom, and other extreme metal genres.

The record company was founded by Kunal Choksi, who was also the founder of Diabolical Conquest Records. The label has released a wide variety of albums, singles, and compilations from many bands, including Burial Hordes, Leper Colony, Wombbath, Veilburner, Felled, Feral, Fetid Zombie, and Arche, amongst others.

The label offers a wide selection of physical and digital releases, as well as merchandise, and also has its own distribution channels, Transcending Obscurity Asia, Transcending Obscurity Classics, Transcending Obscurity Distribution, Transcending Obscurity India, and Transcending Obscurity International.

Transcending Obscurity Records has gained a strong reputation for its quality releases and for supporting the metal scene in India and beyond. The label is set to continue to bring exciting and innovative music to metal fans all over the world.

Their current record label, originally founded in France and now represented worldwide, Season of Mist has gained the reputation for being an innovative, wide-spectrum metal label, with an impressive roster of bands from black metal to heavy metal, death metal to doom metal, thrash metal to progressive metal, and more.

Season of Mist is an independent record label and record distributor with subsidiaries in France and the United States. The record label was founded in 1996 by Michael S. Berberian in Marseille, France. From the start of releasing black metal, pagan metal, and death metal records, the label moved on to releasing albums of avant-garde metal, gothic metal and punk bands as well. The label has two offices, one in Marseille, France, and one in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The new single, ‘Disintegrate II,’ is an extract from the full album and showcases their signature sound, with heavy riffs and haunting melodies. They have also released a music video for their track ‘Maze,’ which further illustrates the band’s dark and brooding sound.

The video was released on January 12th and is a follow-up to the previously released ‘Disintegrate I,’ which was accompanied by the album’s cover art and tracklist and was directed by Tiago Fonseca, showcasing the band performing in a dark and murky environment, accompanied by the fast-paced riffs and intense vocals of the song.

The band’s choice to incorporate fire and ash into their video is to represent one of the earth’s most devastating and cleansing elements, contrasting their choice of snow used in the clip for ‘Disintegrate I.’

Overall, the music video for ‘Disintegrate II’ is an intense and captivating visual experience, with the song’s powerful and dark atmosphere being brought to life. Fans of the band and of death/doom metal, in general, will surely appreciate this latest release from OAK and their upcoming album ‘Disintegrate.’

OAK is one of the most exciting bands to come out of the Portuguese metal scene in recent years, and they have ultimately created a sound that is truly their own, and are sure to become a force to be reckoned with in the metal world.

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