Vampiric Lycanthropy or Demented Demonology?

Michael W. Ford

Michael W. Ford

Vampirism has existed and grown in the European psyche for generations, stretching some thousands of years. The same is true with lycanthropy, shape-shifting and the darker aspects of witchcraft.

Lycanthropy is closely connected with the dual aspects of sex and death, as is vampirism. The lunar current which the sorcerer opens and becomes aligned with is based on the aspect of hidden desire and lustful atavisms which manifest in the spirit and form of a wolf, owl, cat and other such animals.

Lycanthropy can be a useful exercise and individual power points which can be used effectively on the astral plane.

This article is meant as a Grimoire for the balanced sorcerer. The purpose of this being to offer further guidance and present a serious form of shadow magic and sorcery which has long been kept hidden.

The black art is not that of devil worship, but of hidden knowledge. The key to this lies in the depths of the subconscious, the will to explore and suggest, to destroy and create.

The daemonic elementals which breed in the subconscious mind from the time of birth and on can be banished and often made useful to the fighting individual. There is no devil worship or ill intent involved for the worker of Shadow magic, it is up to the individual which path they take.

I have always intended, from the beginning to present balance and insight into a dangerous psychic path. That of the shadow sorcerer is not that of mental weakness; however, it often tests the mind on every possible level.

Questions, answers, fears and pain await those who explore. Fear not, however, without the trials of life there is no true knowledge or experience. It is through consciously and willfully exploring areas of ourselves — analyze and become stronger because of it.

Devoid of this, there would be no great pleasure in life, no reward for hard work and no point of building the greatest strength of all, that of the mind, and be aware that Demons do exist, however, it is not always their intent to harm innocent humans. Our point is to destroy and to create.

The magic in these pages is of all colours, being that of significant power. Law perceived as going forth by night and day, creating with love and joy and the destruction of that which is ill.

The manifestation of both the Black and Red temple (that of death and sexual magick). There is no evil in the heart for the essence lives intently on its message. Every man and every woman have their animalistic urges, from which Atavisms develop and exist.

We are throwing open the gates of Saturn (the gates of Death, hidden knowledge), they are the resurgent atavisms, the hidden spirits and archetypes of shadow and night, the black sun shining with life and wisdom — the Torch bearer behind the darkness.

Love, health, wisdom and beauty are the finest forms of existence. The shadows in the night which glow under the moon exist to dance with you, to guide towards a glimpse of the Night of Pan, to gather on the astral plane at the Witches’ Sabbath. Come close, if your will is against it much is deadly, however with pleasure and the glowing lamp of strength all is possible.

For thousands of years there have been tales of beasts haunting the countryside by night, demons which stalk the roads and pathways of the forests. Corpses who enter the chambers of the sleeping for sexual congress. The wild hunt which rides the Northern skies in the Autumn, searching for souls to join their ghastly celebrations.

The undead in European folklore are immensely strong and colourful in their legend. Walking corpses known as Draugr, which is described as an animated corpse which crawls from its own grave mound to haunt the night and its prudent folk.

Draugr was one of the main undead that existed in Icelandic folklore, the creature would always incarnate in its old flesh or the flesh of some dead near it. The term ghost would often be used to describe it, despite its manifestation in a dead body.

The Draugr was said as well to have the psychic powers of foreseeing the future, controlling the weather (which other vampiric beings and witches always seemed to have control over) and shape shifting.

In Norse mythology, the belief in such creatures is frequently encountered. It so seemed that these beings were spawned of Hell, of which many could not escape from their graves and existed in a similar way to central European Nosferatu, Nachzehrer and so on. Such creatures in Norse mythology were called “haugbui” which translates to “barrow,” being mound dweller.

Germany holds a large amount of folklore relating to Vampirism and Lycanthropy, Austria has the demonic Perchten, the British Isles the female vampires Glaistigs. Much has grown from such legends and myths, some of which is truth and some of which is something beyond.

Symbolism is of great significance in magick because the individual seeks to enter, take hold and mold the clay of life around him or her. Meanwhile, Germany gives us the vampire races of Nachzehrer, Nachttoter, Alp, Neuntoter and Nosferatu.

Nachzehrer is a vampire which is found in the northern part of Germany and the Kashubs, which include Bavaria and other surrounding areas. The Nachzehrer is born in the coffin under the light of the moon, it awakens and begins tearing his own flesh. This vampire is able to contact its living family members on the astral plane, guiding them into its own feeding.

When the Nachzehrer was exhumed, it was found to be resting in its own blood and a half-devoured grave shroud. A peculiar thing about the Nachzehrer is that this creature sleeps with his left eye open and holding his thumb. It was not rare that this creature would begin to eat its own flesh.

When the Nachzehrer would leave the tomb, it would sometimes climb the tower of a church. The demon would then ring the bells in the dead of night, which was said to cause death to any who would be unfortunate enough to hear the ghost-like callings in the night.

It was the belief in Bavaria that the Nachzehrer could be created if an individual was born with a caul or second skin, an unfortunate circumstance for many an innocent child born with such a birth defect. This vampire was often connected (as with many of its kind) as holding the powers of plague and pestilence.

During times of such sickness, many a vampire hunt would ensue, causing numerous graves to be exhumed and the corpses defiled by the paranoid town folk.

Nachttoter (a magical title) is a vampire which translates “killer in the night,” a being which would haunt the dreams of many, painting the walls and bed sheets in blood and semen of bestial congress.

Neuntoter was given its title by the belief that it takes nine full days for the vampire to develop in its coffin or tomb. Found in Saxony, the Neuntoter was recognized as being a severe carrier of the plague.

The Alp is a vampire like a spirit associated with the incubus or succubus who would torment the dreams of men, women and children alike. The Alp is considered often to be that of a recently deceased person, or often a demon of the tomb — that which is bred from the darkest aspects of magick and the astral plane. The Alp can take the form of a cat, pig, dog and other creatures such as a werewolf and demonic beasts which resemble rabid, black dogs.

This spirit is also known to wear a hat and use its powers to fly the night sky. Its methods of feeding include entering the mouth of the victim through a long serpent-like tongue and changing to smoke, wherein it absorbs the life force of the individual.

The Alp is also said to drain blood from the breast of women, and of men and children through their nipples. This incubus proves difficult to get rid of as it exists almost exclusively on the astral plane. Very rarely was it said to manifest anywhere else but dreams.

Nosferatu (also Slavonic in its basis) is a vampire spirit who haunts the astral plane as well as the earth. Its bat-like appearance exemplifies its predatory qualities.

The Nosferatu is said to be associated with the incubus and succubus, indicating its connection with the astral plane. Once the creature is buried, it will rise from the grave shortly afterwards, going forth in the night to grow strong on the blood of the living.

Male Nosferatu is said to be able to impregnate women, the children are then destined to carry on the lineage of their father and become a sorcerer and Moroii, giving nightly communion of blood to its parent.

Romania and Hungary have significant folklore as well, Hungary being connected with the Báthory family.

Countess Erzsébet Báthory added fuel to the fire of vampire mania in Europe by being caught indulging in her blood lust, killing and bathing in the blood of over five hundred and sixty girls.

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