Aire Como Plomo waved chaos at Festival Del Diablo II

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

This past Saturday, November 28th, offered me the possibility to attend one of the strongest Aire Como Plomo live performances I had the pleasure of reporting, this time at Festival Del Diablo, which took place in the mountains of Bogotá, Colombia. Initially, after seeing the act live three times already during this year, we were not expecting anything different. Nevertheless, Aire Como Plomo transpired such an outburst of frenetic energy and destructive power on stage that made them known to many, setting their grounds at a very professional level in the Colombian extreme music scene.

Our arrival at the festival was one way or another, bewildering as we got adrift in traffic, which by that time was topsy-turvy and mid-paced, arriving after the three opening acts had already taken the stage and had concluded their live performances. Sorrowfully I could not see the locals Perpetual Warfare, an act which I had the satisfaction to observe for the very first time at Festival De Festivales back in November 2014.

Although Perpetual Warfare had already performed, I am confident that they pulled a hell of a show even thus at an earlier time slot since they were the opening act for Festival Del Diablo while representing Colombia. Altogether they inevitably presented the crowd with a show full of thrashing energy, excellent musicianship, killer tunes and overall friendly and live appearance. I dare say that Perpetual Warfare was, admittedly, one of the rare bands that got a strong grip on the crowd and made them rise up and frenetically heading to their songs at Festival De Festivales, and I am certain that the same happened at Festival Del Diablo.

Colombian brutal death metallers Goretrade, with some technical vibe appended to the compound, were the second act leading the stage. Unfortunately, we could not report them as well due to the urbanist chaos as mentioned earlier that induced stoppages on our arrival, and scarce I know about them to give you a glimpse of how they might sound live, mostly because I have never seen them playing on stage.

The third act to take the stage in our absence was Colombian punkish hard rockers Sin Pudor. Admittedly, Sin Pudor is a musical act none of us would consider of any relevance and their presence at Festival Del Diablo caused some confusion. Sin Pudor sounds like an old-school punk rocker act with a very fundamental and minimalistic musicianship flowing along, leaving their compositions to drawing pits of static, and repetitive grips, this judging by their videos.

Festival Del Diablo II

Still sweating from their performance at Festival Manizales Grita Rock, Aire Como Plomo is an act that blends latin, jazzy, grinding traditional sounds and verses with perfection under an impeccable musical prowess and tribalistic heritages. Emerging in 2007, throughout the years they have unfolded their particular aphorism of metal to a brilliant sound, even if surrounded by political and social rightness, Aire Como Plomo’s chemistry remains well-built and cohesive.

To reckon is that I first saw them performing at 4Cuartos, and at a later stage at Rock History Bar, where they released their debut full-length through Colombian label, Parallel Records, meaning that I am quite familiar with their live repertoire and I knew what to expect: pure sheer violence.

  1. Concreto
  2. Madrugadora
  3. Maravilla De Un Golpe
  4. Bazuca Y Bazuco
  5. Solo En América
  6. Antiheroína
  7. Cabeza De Olla
  8. La Carga
  9. Coja
  10. Amarillo, Azul Y Rojo
  11. Suciología
  12. Intitulada

Aire Como Plomo’s indefatigable outburst of pandemic symmetries toward the audience impulses them to quickly discharge their muscular freesia in such a detonable habit, erupting crowds in a collective mosh pit while rhythmically following their powerful strokes in unison. Undoubtedly, an act with a broad range of aficionados pushed toward the outer limits of their physical restraints while following with attention the lyrical side of things, by chanting their songs that by now, are quite familiar to many of them.

One of the highlights of their performance was when they played ‘Perro Sin Palabras,’ which lead the crowd to the utmost excited state of mind, as a wave of destruction shearing the soil beneath them. They definitely benefited from an excellent sound throughout their entire performance, perpetually inciting their audience to participate and have a spirit of union in an easygoing manner. While performing ‘Solo En América,’ a song taken from their debut full-length album entitled ‘A.C.P.’ that empowered the audience to be undertaken by it in pure dementia. Stroke after stroke, Aire Como Plomo demolished the stage and apparently left their audience enervated, as ‘El Maestro Efectivo’ was played, with the audience once again losing every sense of decorum by either headbanging or moshing to it as the song unfolded echoing throughout the mountain in a ruthless attack.

Aire Como Plomo soundwise resounds often as a grinding symmetry that executes Latino sounds into their compositions, with death metal tonnages and punk significances more often listenable and predominant, hardcore to the bone that impulses the audience to move in a high passion while discharging their impediments and violence in a sustained smack.

Unquestionably, an extraordinary close-up show for Aire Como Plomo, as they seized live appearances for this year with Festival Del Diablo.

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