Random Revenge fierce at Festival Sonidos Extremos

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

Standing under a burning sun at Teatro Al Aire Libre De La Media Torta, while desperately attempting to hydrate our shredded skin after being severely punished for hours at Festival Sonidos Extremos. It was 13:13 when Bogotanians Random Revenge were promptly announced as the upcoming act to go onstage, this momentarily following the great live performing from melodic death metal country mates Sinnerstesy.

Saturday October 3rd is certainly a date to recollect, as Random Revenge destroy onstage with their striking thrash metal onslaught that left all of us with a host for human eradication. Convene in 2012, the quintet performing under the unification of Random Revenge have been building their foundations in the Colombian metal scene as one of the most energetic and sprightly thrash metal acts. Musically speaking, they fraternize classical heavy metal as well as some innuendo of modern groove metal in their sonorous raid.

Indeed, I can not describe their intonation other than a well-accomplished blueprint of old-school thrash metal inveigled with an enthralling modern vein that frequently resounds as a burnished variant of Destruction. This with a discreet insinuation of grooving motions resounding vaguely like Pantera, musically speaking of course. While an ingenious and noteworthy vocal amplitude dynamited what for many who may have endured, it was overlooked due to the frenzied of the moment, I could not bypass the comparison i the vocal endowment to be in one way or another a waving between Judas Priest’s Rob Halford and undoubtedly King Diamond, this played quite remarkably when they performed a new song entitled ‘Army Of Hate’.

Frankly speaking, I was not very keen to report Random Revenge’s live performance as we have covered the act back in 2014 during the first edition of Festival Del Diablo. Their preceding report asserts that notwithstanding the evident old-school thrash metal influences alá Judas Priest, the quintet did not have much to contribute besides a helter-skelter, hit-or-miss concoction of dreary musical clones. By fluke, at the opening rhythmic stroke that reverberated through the Teatro Al Aire Libre De La Media Torta chamber, my presumptions were laid to rest. Random Revenge hastily seized my awareness in a vicious approach as I raised my eyebrow and began to headbang to their bestowal.

Random Revenge’s carnivorous discharge of effectiveness rapidly outburst among the crowd that spontaneously was set on a flame with the opening song. ‘Cataleptic State’ synchronized the audience in an almost perfect symmetry, as all swayed their heads to the rhythm of the songs while forming a chaotic alliance of diverse metal cultures forged in unions without resilient opposition.

‘Cataleptic State’ rhythmic sections transpire a solid tunage and high musicianship, going from mid-tempos to paced, faster parts with excellent percussion. Indeed, all the musical elements combined provided a sturdy entrance on stage as the song sounds like an armada marching toward the audience without mercy. Many may disagree with me, but for brief moments it does, in fact, remind me of Pantera from the ‘Cowboys From Hell’ era.

Random Revenge self-titled song, surfaces to be what we can christen as the act’s personal anthem. Indisputable is the Judas Priest magnetism, undermined with some beloved Kreator forking, crafted with a magnificently prolix guitar solo that although may befall dementia, by no means raises boredom.

‘Army Of Hate’ exceedingly extended, but an excellently compiled new song with a myriad of riffing followed as a warm up to military sounding ‘One Last Word’. ‘Weapons Of Mass Paranoia’ came at a time the audience was visible on their highest peak of ecstasy, closely followed by ‘Final War’, and the closing farewell, ‘March Of The Guilty’.

Concerning their participation at the inauguration edition of Festival Sonidos Extremos, which in my opinion was rather victorious, Random Revenge vocalist had the following to add:

[blockquote cite=”Fabian Esteban Beltran”]It was a nice experience to be part of this festival, although it was too early for some people, all reception and good vibe we received from the crowd was amazing. It was the last show in Bogotá this great year, so we’re nothing but grateful to be able of closing the live activity at home this way.[/blockquote]

Lyrically speaking, Random Revenge transpires their concern toward the social impact of day-to-day struggles, while viciously counteracting religions, governments and societies at a very personal magnitude, naturally nurturing their aggressive musical skills as a violent response toward the invariable paradigms of today’s cultural modernism.

In June 20th, 2014, the act released their debut studio record entitled ‘Justice Of Chaos’ in order to capitalize their musical endeavors as well as to widely spread and strengthen their reputation, besides increasing their live performances throughout the country by blemishing their presence in numerous festivals; which on its turn, has returned to a massively vast fan base across Colombia. Fan base that until date, progressively increases.

With the release of ‘Justice Of Chaos’, Random Revenge had the opportunity to be summoned as the opening act to international acts such as United States thrashers Exodus, Havok and Swedish battalions Sabaton. In regards to festivals, they participated in the first edition of the very successful debutant, Festival Del Diablo alongside with British death metallers Carcass, the United States death-grind aggressors Brujería, Dia De Los Muertos, and blackened Inquisition. They also were given the opportunity to perform at Thrash La Unión 6 as opening act to the legendary thrash metallers Coroner from Switzerland.

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