Behemoth Featured on the Cover of Extreme Metal Magazine, Zero Tolerance

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

Behemoth is a pioneering force in the blackened death metal scene, led by mastermind Nergal and comprised of Orion, Inferno, and Seth. For over twenty-five years and twelve albums, Behemoth has explored and pushed the limits of extreme metal, crafting a signature sound that is both ferocious and melodic.

The new issue of Zero Tolerance Magazine is a celebration of Behemoth’s impressive career, from their early work in the 90s to their most recent album, ‘Opvs Contra Natvram.’ Nergal and the rest of the band were interviewed on their career, new album, and side projects. In addition, they had an in-depth look at the creation of their music videos and the evolution of their live performances.

For those who are not familiar with the British magazine, Zero Tolerance Magazine is an extreme music magazine published by Obdurate Ltd. in the United Kingdom. It was launched in 2004 by Lisa Macey (former publisher of the defunct Terrorizer Magazine) and Leon Macey (of experimental United Kingdom extreme metal band Mithras).

The magazine is published bi-monthly and can be found on newsstands in the United Kingdom, Europe, and North America, as well as on newsstands in Australia, New Zealand, and Taiwan, with some delay. The magazine features a covermount CD for each issue.

The publication is one of the world’s most well-known high-street metal magazines. Zero Tolerance Magazine is the leading underground extreme metal publication in the United Kingdom. It is the only magazine in the world that represents the views of a like-minded musical collective: an indestructible literary commune of musicians, writers, editors, photographers, and illustrators.

Zero Tolerance Magazine Issue #108
Zero Tolerance Magazine Issue #108

Zero Tolerance Magazine Issue 108 is a special issue featuring the Polish extreme metal band Behemoth as the front cover. This issue presents an in-depth look at the band, with interviews from all the band members, as well as a look at their history, music, and current activities.

Additionally, the issue contains reviews of new albums from Bloodbath, Autopsy, Venom Inc., Acephalix, Hetroertzen, Revocation, Gaerea, Goatwhore, Cavernous Gate, Strigoi, Innumerable Forms, Invictus, Blind Illusion, Lorna Shore, Exocrine, and much more such as reviews and special articles, a special live report on Vltimas and the 2022 installment of Bloodstock Open Air, plus a free complimentary CD.

Regarding Behemoth’s latest release, ‘Opvs Contra Natvram,’ the album is a blackened death metal colossal beast that builds on the band’s already impressive discography. The album’s sound is dense and atmospheric, with a mix of slower and faster songs that keep the listener engaged throughout.

Indeed, ‘Opvs Contra Natvram’ is a more balanced affair than the band’s previous album, ‘I Loved You At Your Darkest,’ and manages to capture the band’s signature style while still introducing some new elements.

The album is built around a concept of religious and spiritual warfare, and the lyrics are both thoughtful and provocative. Musically, the album is a mix of classic blackened death metal riffs and more symphonic passages, with a strong focus on atmosphere and melody. Nergal’s vocals are as powerful and intense as ever, and the production is crisp and clear.

‘Opvs Contra Natvram’ is an album sure to please Behemoth fans. The songs are varied and exciting, and the production is top-notch. The album is well-written and well-executed and offers a unique take on the extreme metal genre. Fans of the band’s previous releases will be pleased with this album, and those new to Behemoth’s music should give it a listen as well.

Behemoth - ‘Opvs Contra Natvram’

Behemoth – ‘Opvs Contra Natvram’ CD

When they go for the throat, Behemoth is as vicious as they have ever been, violently surging through ‘Malaria Vulgata’ and ‘Disinheritence’ with a formidable clarity of purpose. But it is in the less blasty moments – where Nergal says the listener is afforded “a breather” – that Behemoth are at their most majestic here.

Behemoth is one of the most iconic extreme metal bands of all time and has been at the forefront of the genre since the early 90s. The Polish quartet has released some of the most influential and groundbreaking albums in the genre and has toured extensively, playing to thousands of fans around the world. With a unique blend of black metal and death metal, Behemoth has forged its own unique sound.

Behemoth has recently released their official music video for their new track ‘Thy Becoming Eternal,’ off their latest studio album. Frontman and Behemoth’s visionary Adam “Nergal” Darski said that the single was “definitely one of the most intense songs in Behemoth’s catalog.”

The video follows a warrior on a quest, journeying through a barren wasteland and facing off against a variety of foes. The animation is a stunning display of artistry and skill, with a unique style that evokes a sense of grandeur and mystery.

The song is fast and furious, with a bombastic ending to match the visuals. Behemoth is continuing to evolve musically and artistically, pushing the boundaries of its sound.

The video was accompanied by a statement from Adam “Nergal” Darski, who said: “Legions! Our new offering from ‘Opvs Contra Natvram’ — ‘Thy Becoming Eternal.’ As always, we are trying to keep things fresh! The video was produced by talented Italian animator, Ruben Fro, who created this epic, aeonic CG landscape for our stoic warrior to journey through. The song itself is a fast and furious beast with a bombastic ending, definitely one of the most intense songs in Behemoth’s catalog. Let us know if you agree!”

The video for ‘Thy Becoming Eternal’ is an impressive display of the band’s creativity and skill. The animation is a visual feast, with a unique style that fits the mood of the song perfectly. The song itself is intense and powerful, with a bombastic ending that matches the visuals. The video also serves as a reminder that Behemoth is constantly pushing boundaries and evolving musically and artistically, making them one of the most exciting metal bands of the modern era.

Zero Tolerance Magazine, on the other hand, presents us with this issue’s CD, which includes fourteen tracks of new music from some of the most exciting metal bands in the scene today. The tracklist includes music from Strigoi, Crippled Black Phoenix, Black Lava, Cerberus, Thirteen Goats, and more.

The CD includes highlights such as Strigoi’s ‘Astral Vampirism,’ which leads off the tracklist with their trademark fusion of black metal and post-punk. Crippled Black Phoenix’s ‘Nebula’ follows, a melodic and atmospheric track that showcases the band’s progressive and experimental style. Black Lava’s ‘The Descent’ is a dark and heavy track that captures the band’s intensity and passion. Cerberus’ ‘The Evil Within’ is a thrash-influenced track that shows the band’s love for classic metal. Thirteen Goats’ ‘The Witching Hour’ is a hard-hitting track with a doom-laden atmosphere.

The tracklist also includes music from Aephanemer, Skyforger, Vargrav, Surturs Lohe, Ereb Altor, and more. The cover mount CD is a great way to discover new music and support the bands in the scene.

Zero Tolerance Magazine is proud to be able to showcase a diverse range of bands and their music, and this CD is a great way to show their appreciation for the metal community.

They are an essential resource for extreme metal fans, providing an in-depth look at the bands, releases, and events in the metal world. It is the perfect way to stay up to date on the latest news and releases and learn more about the bands and artists that make the genre so unique and exciting.

Get your hands on the latest issue of Zero Tolerance Magazine for $6.73 USD to $12.84 (depending on shipping rates). Available on newsstands or through the official website.

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