Marvel’s Daredevil season two now streaming on Netflix

Two battered looking police detectives stand staring down and through one mangled body in a room full of mangled, and shot up corpses. Blood pools everywhere, and we hear the first detective say “Every time I think we have seen it all, Hell’s Kitchen manages to sneak up and kick me right in the balls… And where is this asshole’s hand?” In this season we are treated to the Punisher’s origin story while Kingpin continues to scare even the toughest criminals out from behind bars and we are generously fed a thrilling action filled side story of the Black Hand as they still search for the Black Sky. Nelson & Murdock still together helping the people of Hell’s kitchen with their legal expertise for nothing but food and gratitude. Page who after being saved last season is trying her hardest to keep the duo together, and on track still unaware that Matt Murdock is Daredevil and the lure of her dream of writing still pulls at her. Elektra is a great new addition to this series as she really knows Matt Murdock, and she gets him to do things far more exciting than he normally would.

Once again we are treated to thirteen fresh episodes which continue off just a little while after the events of season one. As I mentioned new characters were introduced in this season who make major marks on the screen are Elektra played convincingly by the very acrobatic Élodie Yung (much better than the character in the unmentioned movies) while fellow newcomer to the series Jon Bernthal, you may remember from The Walking Dead, plays a very convincing Frank Castle also known as the Punisher obliterating all criminals who cross his path in his quest for vengeance. There is not a lot of backstory which is one of the things that make these Netflix binges work so well. You just get right back into the story, and we are right back in the thick with people we already know, and are quickly introduced to our new frenemies while the action ramps up from one episode to the next.


The official poster for the second season of Daredevil, which is based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name

Marvel Comics and Netflix bring us season two of Daredevil with blind lawyer by day Matt Murdock played by Charlie Cox, his almost ever loyal partner Franklin “Foggy” Nelson played by Elden Henson and their aid come journalist wannabe extra snoopy Karen Page played once again by Deborah Ann Woll who you may know from True Blood. Also returning are Rosario Dawson who plays crossover character Claire Temple, who also appeared in Marvel Comics Jessica Jones earlier this November. Rounding out the returning cast is Wilson Fisk the Kingpin played so incredibly well again by Vincent Philip D’Onofrio. Wilson Fisk is now fiddling and scheming from behind bars but we are always aware of his reach.

There is not much that needs to be said if you saw the first season, but if you have not then that is where you need to start to get you right on track for this season. The main story is based around the comics Daredevil and the Punisher, both from Marvel Comics. This particular story is from the late 1980s early 1990s era comic books that did a lot of crossing over and as you can see inspired a lot of the way this show is shot and edited. The film style is like a Kung Fu or classic Chinese martial arts films of the past four or five decades with a fight scene every seven to ten minutes, fabulous surprises and cliffhangers at every turn. No cheesy scenes fumbling with trying to see what our Devil is seeing or how, we just get right to it. The effects that are used when needed, and that is sparingly are top notch, and will never take you out of the moment.

If you are looking for a great show to stream the next time you have eleven to twelve hours free then after season one of Marvel’s Daredevil, I would thoroughly recommend a weekend in with Marvel’s Daredevil’s season two.


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