Amon Amarth

Swedish Amon Amarth to return to Bogotá, Colombia

After three years of absence since their last performance at the Royal Center on May 24, 2014, in Bogotá, Colombia, Swedish melodic death metal Vikings Amon Amarth are to return with Norwegian blackened metal act Abbath as special guests supporting the tour.


Norsemen Abbath trio to perform in Bogotá, Colombia

Offstage legal battles with his fellow musicians resulted in Abbath’s departure from the long-established Immortal in 2015, solely to return in 2016 with a self-titled album. Abbath is due to perform in Bogotá, Colombia, as guests for Swedish Vikings, Amon Amarth.


Anathema to premiere onstage in Bogotá, Colombia

United Kingdom’s foremost purveyors of emotionally charged atmospheric, yet progressive rock with a gothic undertone are to debut on stage in Colombia this year, in a climate that promises both intimacy, and spiritual emanation toward their followers.

Moonspell tour cancelled due to Cronos Entertainment

Moonspell tour cancelled due to Cronos Entertainment

Portuguese Moonspell has cancelled all Latin American dates while citing Caio Schramm’s Cronos Entertainment in an arguably awkward move, which rapidly elevated shockwaves throughout their aficionados and caused international press media turmoil.

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