SOFA 2015

The letting go of the inner ego, SOFA 2015

Over the past years, geeky expressions have risen from the underground and hidden realm to the mainstreams. From merchandise to the simple pleasure of discussing your favorite leisure activity ranging from extreme outdoor sport, to fantasy literature; the geeky culture is thriving. In Colombia, is it’s happening rather fast and with events like SOFA many people, not only young adults but also entire families, are embracing and exteriorizing their inner ego. With a plethora of personal expressions in a tolerant jumping around, SOFA was a mouthful of freshness in an already rather depressing and dark reality in which most of us live. With spaces dedicated to fashion, fantasy merchandise, technology, art, and sports; every single attendant to SOFA could get exactly what they wanted to see which was to be able to express themselves.

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