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Servus Transilvania Festival ready to go again

There is more to Transylvania than vampires and the Servus Festival is more than willing to prove that to you in this diverse gathering to take place in Biertan, in the centre of the region from August 18th to 20th.


Colombian Festival del Diablo organisers announced the third edition and will treat us with a pre-festival show from Finnish neo-classical quartet Apocalyptica as a prelude to the event, which came as an agreeable bombshell for many of us, as part...

Festival Rock al Parque

Yes, finally! We have sixty-eight bands to play in three days and believe me it will be a bumpy ride. Unlike other years where music genre were clearly divided regarding brutality, this year there are more mixed lineups; ska and rock-fusion bands...


As July approaches, expectations regarding Festival Rock al Parque grow exponentially. A festival created through local government intentions to create a safe space to enjoy music, this festival has grown beyond its own fame. With a mixture between...