Wayne Hussey

The Mission anniversary adds the Whitby Goth Weekend

There is truly a history surrounding the origination of The Mission. Previously working with the United Kingdom-based The Sisters Of Mercy, Craig Adams, and Wayne Hussey (originally from Dead Or Alive) both soon left in a contention with Sisters of Mercy’s mainstay, Andrew Eldritch. They hastily formed a band called The Sisterhood, but Andrew Eldritch disapproved the use of the similar name. Therefore, The Mission was born.

Perros De Reserva succeeded in their South American tour

In every small scale scene, there are acts that thrive to stand out from the crowd. Some bands try to make it work with an overused musical genre; some others do it through appearance and others choose to take the riskier path by thinking outside of the local scene box. Perros De Reserva opted to take the road of industrial rock and a visual that goes along with the genre. Recently, the band was invited to perform in different arenas in Peru, where the metal scene has similar tendencies to the Colombian.

Negură Bunget uphold forthcoming North American Tour

Atmospheric black metal pioneers Negură Bunget, an act from deep Timișoara, Romania initially settled at the end of 1994 under the name Wiccan Rede, as a duo consisting of Gabriel Mafa on drums and Edmond Karban on guitars, vocals, and keyboards, whose sonority embraces musical elements of progressive metal and traditional folk with peculiar nostalgic, by some means lethargic and perhaps strictly sinister melancholy, yet stylistically varied. In the news is that Negură Bunget, Romania’s darkest export have just confirmed their forthcoming North American Tour, which will earn place on this autumn equinox alongside with Icelandic atmospheric black metal sensation Dynfari (Reykjavik-based duo), and Romanian emotional metal troupe Grimegod as supporting acts.

Avatar’s ‘Hail The Apocalypse’: North American tour

Avatar, Swedish metal meeting the creepiness outfit, has toured long and far to support their latest album ‘Hail The Apocalypse’, which was released May 13th 2014 via eOne Music. With the first video single ‘Vultures Fly’, the band gained even more recognition among fans in the United States. It was only proper that Avatar wanted to end the promotion of their fifth studio album once again in the United States.

Satyricon European Tour begins in Nijmegen, Netherlands

Surprisingly fewer are the acts of the sort that rotate on my deck for a second and third overhear, and Norwegian black metal Satyricon are one of those. Noticeable is my uneasiness approaching the black metal scene that progressed throughout the past years while witnessing the abounding propaganda of new black metal records and newcomers that worsen to meet the expectations, specially if those newcomers emphasize in portraying themselves as the darkness itself while bearing the standard, now often ridden, corpse paint.

Either way, after their phenomenal yet successful World Dollarspa 2013 Tour, with Satyricon grasping a record amount of sold-out appearances in support for their most recent, self-titled album, Satyricon just began their The Dawn Of A New Age European Tour yesterday, April 4th, at Doornroosje in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. This tour will be the act’s only European tour throughout this whole year while Satyricon encompasses a meager hiatus from their 2014 live activities.

Ensiferum and Korpiklaani to tour North America

Folk metal has a sense of earthiness that no other metal gender can imitate. From theatricality on stage to the usage of more traditional instruments from the Northern hemisphere, it creates the melancholy of old and simpler times that current society simply does not get. Finland seems to be for folk metal, what Norway is to black metal and Sweden to death metal, with two of the most well known in the folk metal scene: Korpiklaani and Ensiferum. And those two are taking the road, or better put, sailing sails towards North America to give a sense of ancient, braveness into war and wisdom that comes from a culture firmly tight with Earth.

Faith No More to take North America

Faith No More is one of the bands that has shaped my taste in music for years, between the powerful voice of Mike Patton, to the bass lines of Billy Gould, the blasting drums by Mike Bordin, and musical arrangements by Roddy Buttom, and the riffs that make everything different by Jon Hudson. After their split in 1998 with the last verse of “The Album of the Year” that said “I’m watching you…” it seemed at the time that the trip was pretty much over, for our misfortune. But I guess it takes time to miss the old ways, the old company and to feel the excitement of playing Faith No More tunes once more. It took 10 years for that to happen, at first it was just for the fun of touring, and after 5 years not only the touring is coming back, but also the recording.

Marduk’s forthcoming ‘Frontschwein’ invasion

Swedish blasphemous black metal war masters Marduk, are preparing to invade Europe by releasing their forthcoming and thirteenth new studio record entitled ‘Frontschwein’ on January 19th, 2015 through Century Media Records.

At The Gates to headline The Decibel Magazine Tour

It seems that the future for Gothenburg based, Swedish melodic death metal veterans At The Gates turns out to be naught more but promising and extremely intensive. Lately, the Swedish quintet announced that they are gearing up to embark in the infamous Decibel Magazine fourth touring edition, which gathers besides them as headliners, the supportive blasts from United States hardcore unit Converge and United Kingdom’s old-school death metal supergroup, Vallenfyre, still with an opening special appearance yet to be announced during this December, 2014.

Moonspell announces European tour with Septicflesh

Unavoidable, when referring to the Portuguese metal scene, somber goth-is melodramatic Moonspell is the top-notch exponents of an entire country, or at least, the foremost recognizable act arising from my country in the past decade, alongside with the doom gothic eloquence of Heavenwood, and the insanely fresh and brutalization of Holocausto Canibal.

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