Wednesday 13 details master album and Summer 2015 tour

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

The modern punk rock subgenres that nowadays overpopulated the metal scene while obtaining some intriguing notoriety, cannot leave the most elitist metaller assisting to its uprising precondition as an ordinary bystander.

In its gobsmacked punk essence, almost horrifically theatrical alike but still engraved within a twisted rock-ish aura, yet predestined to cyclonic bestialities through their compositions, firstborn acts such as United States Wednesday 13 are both colossal and horrific which reflects to their very own byzantine existence.

Wednesday 13 is the lone project fronted by the former Murderdolls musician of the same name, musician which is conspiring to unleash his sixth solo album entitled ‘Monsters Of The Universe: Come Out And Plague’, coming out on January 12th, 2015 via DevCo in partnership with Cargo Records. The sixth studio record will be the follow-up to the highly acclaimed and critically praised 2013’s ‘The Dixie Dead’ and consequently, Wednesday 13’s first conceptual album. ‘Monsters Of the Universe: Come Out And Plague’ was recorded in three different locations: Los Angeles, California and San Antonio, Texas; and masterfully produced by Wednesday 13.

‘Monsters Of The Universe: Come Out And Plague’ will be available on both jewel case CD and 12-inch double vinyl editions, with different artworks and covers for both. The 12-inch double vinyl edition however, will be limited to 900 copies pressed; 400 of which will be on sale online and the remaining 500 will be on its turn, exclusively available at retail stores. Pre-orders can now be placed at Morgue Than Merch.

On the following day, January 14th, 2015, Wednesday 13 will embark upon the initial North American leg of the Monsters Of The Universe tour with opening acts Eyes Set To Kill, and Die So Fluid.

[blockquote cite=”Wednesday 13″]I’d become really intrigued with forbidden history books, UFOs, religions/astrotheology, and all sorts of conspiracy theories over the past few years. The subject matter so bizarre and weird. I’ve seen things in the skies as a kid that were not normal airplanes or shooting stars — objects doing manoeuvres that normal fossil fuel crafts couldn’t do. I’m not saying that was aliens, but it could’ve been top secret government crafts being tested. I’ve also seen some things in recent years that were definitely not any technology that we supposedly have on earth. I read about so many things I’d never heard of before in the wake of this and it really inspired me to write about it, but to tell it via my own weird concept album.

I want to do something different and challenging. Take the movies, They Live and Night Of The Living Dead, and the series V, and mix that together. It’s a sci-fi, horror story that will be the most unique Wednesday 13 album to date. I wouldn’t even compare it to anything I’ve done in the past[/blockquote]

  1. ‘The Fall Of All’
  2. ‘Keep Watching The Skies’
  3. ‘Astro Psycho-Galactic Blood Drive’
  4. ‘Come Out And Plague’
  5. ‘I Aint Got Time To Bleed’
  6. ‘Bloodline 666’
  7. ‘Serpent Society’
  8. ‘Bombs, Guns, & Gods – This Is A War’
  9. ‘Planet Eater – Interstellar 187’
  10. ‘I Love Watching You Die’
  11. ‘Into The Crop Circle’
  12. ‘Over Your Dead Body’
  13. ‘The Arrival’
  14. ‘Monsters Of The Universe’

Wednesday 13 acoustic performances ‘Undead Un-plugged’ ended a couple of weeks ago, and were the only shows performed by the act during 2014.

In tandem with Wednesday 13 upcoming studio album announcement, a United Kingdom tour has been confirmed to start on March, 2015. Tickets went on sale yesterday at 9:00 AM, priced at $17.00 (roughly $21.00 USD or $56.000 COP) plus fees.

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