Destiny opposed to reignite player engagement

Destiny’s freshest update vows not to shield the action from the players by adding a whole multitude of features to a game that is eager for it. DeeJ once said it is a fact that everything in this latest content drop will be overt and upfront, no hidden missions or quests that can only be accessed by the hardest of the hardcore will be enshadowed.

Jackrabbit is a indie flick full of big feelings

Jackrabbit can mean to run or take flight quickly it can refer to roller coasters it is computer server software, and of course a big footed group of bunnies named by Mark Twain in his round about way. Rebellion is usually quite a personal thing and this tiny little indie movie gives us a chance to see how personal it can get in a different setting than your everyday movie does. Jackrabbit throws the viewer right into the middle of this post collapse Orwellian society, We enter City 6 twenty five years after some great catastrophe that turned out the lights for everyone everywhere.

‘Metal Gear Solid’ attempted to replace David Hayter

‘Metal Gear Solid’ enthusiasts have opposed when it was announced that longtime veteran voice actor David Hayter would no longer be playing the role of Naked Snake, also known as Big Boss, and his clone, Solid Snake. But ‘Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’ and its standalone prequel, ‘Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes’, were not the prime time was set to be dismissed.

The original Nosferatu may not have been destroyed

I am sure that if you are a real horror fan, you have heard by now of the 1922 movie Nosferatu. It was one of the first real horror movies, made in Germany just after World War I. It had a large influence on vampire lore, because it made them vulnerable to the sun. Before, vampires were often weakened by sunlight, but exposure would not kill them.

Here is why this is a good time for a Lobo flick

With the success of Deadpool in theaters, it is not a surprise that movie studios are now more willing to put their money on adaptations about anti-heroes, a niche in the comic book based movies. Not only that, but Deadpool also showed that an R-rated movie can be made and still turn out to be a financial and critical success, opening a whole new array of possibilities for characters which previously were rarely explored due to their violent nature and questionable morals.

Deadpool on the Rise of the Anti-Hero Flicks

Is it possible that the bad guys from the comic book universe have finally had a breakthrough into motion pictures? I believe it is with the example of Deadpool. Yes, for most of the western countries, this weekend was Valentine’s weekend and heart-shaped candy boxes and movies were supposed to be the norm. For the rest of us, non-believers of the romanticism of February 14th, we got very well treated with one of the most expected movie releases of 2016 in the shape of Deadpool.

Ragnar Bragason’s ‘Metalhead’ film on demand

‘Metalhead’ a film by Ragnar Bragason is ultimately a pure Icelandic wonder with a unforeseen paralleled dimension whence compared to the overrated amount of metal films being recently released, be it in a storytelling or documentary structural vein, ‘Metalhead’ sinfully sustains the viewer’s breath throughout an interesting devilish plot and consistent storyline.

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