After six years, Eluveitie bids farewell to Patrick Kistler

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

Switzerland, Winterthur, Zurich-based sharp and skillful folk metal pioneers Eluveitie have recently announced that they elected to part ways with multi-instrumentalist Patrick Kistler (commonly known as Päde), and recruit Matteo Sisti from countrymates Krampus as a session musician.

[blockquote cite=”Eluveitie”]With a heavy heart we have to share with you the news that Päde is no longer a part of Eluveitie. After six years and four albums, he leaves big shoes to fill. While we have no further comment at this time, we would like to wish him all the best for his future endeavours.[/blockquote]

Eluveitie sheaths the hardest lovelorn with their pioneering yet enchanting, breathtaking and passionate folk metal by combining traditional instruments amidst melodic guitar riffing and harsh vocals, often entangled with female epic chants. Their lyrics are often sang in the ancient and extinct Gaulish language, and their name comes from the vessel Mantua (dating 300 years Before Christ).

The hasty replacement was unavoidable, conjoined with the capacity to transmute and adjust to adversity as Eluveitie so remarkably transpired in a seamless perfection throughout the years.

[blockquote cite=”Eluveitie”]We can announce that we have already found a very talented musician to step in and keep the show going: multi-instrumentalist Matteo Sisti, from our friends and colleagues at Krampus, has not hesitated to jump in and learn our full set in just a few days.

A big thank you goes out to Matteo and Krampus at this point – in the midst of the European leg of our Origins World Tour, their support is much appreciated. Matteo is joining us as a temporary session musician for the remainder of this tour. We can’t wait to rock the stages together for you![/blockquote]

Despite the megalomaniac claims surrounding their existence by certain self-proclaimed journalists, Eluveitie retro-revolts against commercialism by revivifying in each new release, such was the case with ‘Origins’, which was released on August 1st, 2014 through Nuclear Blast Records. ‘Origins’, is Eluveitie’s sixth full-length studio record which was recorded at New Sound Studios by Tommy Vetterli (guitar player who produced albums involving Coroner, Kreator and many more) and is the successor of their most acclaimed album, ‘Helvetios’.

Even thus, Eluveitie refuses to enlighten us more in a detailed manner regarding the departure of Patrick Kistler, it is known that the loss is heartfelt. Patrick Kistler has made his headway in Eluveitie for the past six years and four albums, playing bagpipes, whistles, and acoustic guitars as well. Meanwhile, and as aforementioned, stated by on their official press release, multi-instrumentalist Matteo Sisti from Krampus has joined to them in order to replace Patrick Kistler temporarily on their European tour.

‘King’ is one of the latest videos produced by the folk metallers to promote their ‘Origins’ release, and can be seen below.

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