Ancient Rites is Set to Embark on a Groundbreaking Latin Tour in Colombia

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

Ancient Rites was formed in 1988 in Belgium, a time when the metal genre was witnessing a profound transformation and diversification. The original ensemble consisted of guitarists Johan and Phillip, drummer Stefan, and Gunther on vocals. Together, they sought to create a sound that was both unique and deeply committed to musical artistry.

The inception of Ancient Rites can be traced back to the late 1980s, a period characterized by a burgeoning underground metal scene in Europe. Spearheaded by guitarist and vocalist Gunther Theys, the band’s initial lineup underwent several changes before stabilizing. The early years were marked by a fusion of black metal and death metal, culminating in the release of their debut demo, ‘Dark Ritual,’ in 1990, it signaled a turning point in their career, capturing the attention of the industry and laying the groundwork for subsequent success. The demo was a testament to their dark and powerful compositions, marking them as an innovative force within the genre.

The band’s first full-length album, ‘The Diabolic Serenades,’ was released in 1994. This album showcased a blend of aggressive guitar work, dark lyrical themes, and a synthesis of various metal subgenres. It was met with critical acclaim and established Ancient Rites as a formidable presence in the European metal scene and the album also featured guest appearances by members of other black metal bands, such as Mayhem and Emperor.

The subsequent period in the band’s history was marked by both evolution and experimentation. The release of ‘Blasfemia Eternal’ in 1996 saw a shift towards a more melodic and symphonic approach. This album’s thematic exploration of historical and mythological subjects set a precedent for further development, and featured musicians from Emperor and Enslaved. It was also praised for its use of keyboards and other orchestral instruments, which gave the album a more epic and atmospheric sound.

‘Blasfemia Eternal’ is considered to be one of the most important albums in the history of black metal. It helped to define the sound of the genre, and it inspired many other bands. The album is still considered to be a classic today, and it is often cited as one of the best black metal albums ever released.

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In 1998, Ancient Rites released ‘Fatherland,’ an album that further solidified their reputation for blending diverse musical influences. The album’s incorporation of folk elements and its focus on European history and culture were groundbreaking for the black metal genre. They helped to broaden the genre’s appeal and to make it more accessible to a wider audience. This experimentation has helped to keep Ancient Rites at the forefront of the black metal scene, and it has ensured that their music remains relevant and exciting.

The early 2000s were a time of transition for Ancient Rites, with changes in the lineup and a brief hiatus. However, the band’s commitment to musical exploration remained undiminished, as evidenced by the 2001 release ‘Dim Carcosa.’ This album marked a departure from previous works, embracing a more epic and orchestral style. The album’s title is a reference to the fictional city of Carcosa, which was first mentioned in the short story ‘The King in Yellow’ by Ambrose Bierce. The album’s cover art features a painting of Carcosa by the artist Gustave Doré.

The latter part of Ancient Rites’ career has been characterized by a consolidation of their musical identity and a continued commitment to artistic expression. The 2006 album ‘Rubicon’ stands as a testament to the band’s ability to adapt and innovate, blending elements of black metal, folk, and classical music. The album’s title is a reference to the Rubicon River, which was a boundary between Italy and Gaul in ancient Rome, and the album’s cover art features a painting of the Rubicon River by the artist Gustave Doré.

The musical panorama of the late twentieth and early twentieth-first centuries has been marked by the emergence of numerous sub-genres that have sought to express various societal and emotional themes. Among these, the genres of black metal and folk metal have carved a niche for themselves, partly through the influential work of the Belgian band Ancient Rites.

In the closing decades of the twentieth century and the opening years of the twenty-first, the music scene witnessed the birth of many new sub-genres, reflecting diverse societal and emotional trends. Black metal and folk metal are two such genres that have found their place in the musical landscape, in no small part due to the influential contributions of the Belgian band Ancient Rites.

Ancient Rites’ influence extends beyond their discography. Their innovative blending of black metal with folk, classical, and symphonic elements has inspired a new wave of musicians. The band’s willingness to experiment with diverse themes and musical structures has contributed to the evolution of the metal genre, particularly in the European context.

Ancient Rites, one of the most lyrically-inclined bands in the metal genre, has set a precedent for lyrical depth within the field through their thematic exploration of historical, mythological, and cultural subjects. By weaving complex narratives and employing literary devices such as metaphor, simile, and allegory, they have elevated the art of lyricism in metal music. Their lyrics are often based on historical events, mythological stories, and cultural traditions, with subjects ranging from the Crusades and the fall of the Roman Empire to the occult. Additionally, they draw inspiration from mythology, such as the works of H.P. Lovecraft and the ‘King in Yellow.’

Beyond history and mythology, Ancient Rites’ lyrics also delve into more personal and introspective themes, such as loss, despair, and redemption, reflecting their own experiences with depression, addiction, and suicide. The lyrics are not only complex and multi-layered but also create a rich, textured soundscape through the use of imagery, evoking strong emotions in the listener.

Ancient Rites’ lyrics are a key part of their music, contributing to a dark and atmospheric soundscape and providing deeper meaning to the compositions. They are not merely about entertainment but are also instrumental in exploring the human condition and the dark side of life. Their complex, thought-provoking, and often deeply personal lyrics continue to inspire other musicians and have unquestionably raised the bar for lyricism in metal music.

Ancient Rites Evil Prevails South America Tour 2023

The members of Ancient Rites have not confined their creativity to the band alone. Various members have engaged in collaborations and side projects, further enriching the musical landscape. These endeavors have allowed them to explore different musical styles and artistic expressions, contributing to their growth as musicians.

For instance, guitarist Raf Jansen’s involvement in other musical projects including Ahráyeph, Ethereal Sin, and Ithilien. His involvement in these projects has brought a fresh perspective to Ancient Rites’ sound. He has introduced new elements to the band’s music, such as more progressive and experimental sounds.

Raf Jansen’s collaborations with other artists and participation in musical festivals have also fostered a sense of community and connection within the broader metal scene. He has worked with bands such as Dark Funeral, Enslaved, and Satyricon, and he has played at festivals such as Wacken Open Air and Inferno Festival. These experiences have helped him to build relationships with other musicians and to promote the black metal and folk metal scenes.

Like many enduring bands, Ancient Rites has faced its share of challenges. Lineup changes, shifts in the music industry, and the evolving tastes of audiences have all posed obstacles. However, the band’s resilience and commitment to their artistic vision have allowed them to navigate these challenges with grace.

Ancient Rites’ live performances are renowned for their energy, theatricality, and emotional intensity. Their concerts are not merely musical events but carefully crafted experiences that engage the audience on multiple levels.

Utilizing elaborate stage designs, visual effects, and carefully choreographed movements, the band creates a captivating atmosphere that complements their musical prowess. Their live shows are often described as transcendent experiences, where the boundary between performer and audience dissolves, creating a shared sense of connection and catharsis.

The story of Ancient Rites is also a reflection of the broader cultural and societal context in which they have operated. As a Belgian band, they have navigated the complexities of a multilingual and multicultural society, and this has influenced their artistic expression. Their music often engages with questions of national identity, cultural heritage, and the tension between tradition and modernity. By grappling with these issues, Ancient Rites has become a voice for a generation seeking to understand its place in a rapidly changing world.

In a move that aligns with their constant pursuit of fresh horizons, Ancient Rites has recently announced a forthcoming venture into the Latin American stage, with two concerts scheduled in Colombia on the 6th and 7th of October 2023 at the Teatro Matacandelas in Medellín and the Ace of Spades in Bogotá respectively.

Tickets for these concerts are now available, and they represent a unique opportunity for audiences to witness the iconic band live. The anticipation surrounding these performances is an acknowledgment of Ancient Rites’ lasting impact on the genre and a celebration of their continued relevance.

Ancient Rites’ imminent tour in Colombia is not just a mere continuation of their journey but a reaffirmation of their legacy. The blend of their original sound with contemporary aesthetics has allowed them to maintain an enduring presence in the music scene.

The Latin American concerts are more than entertainment events; they are emblematic of the band’s relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. The opportunity to witness such a legendary band in the live setting is not only a celebration of their artistic triumphs but a testament to the enduring power and allure of music itself.

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