Arcturon honors 10th anniversary with an EP


I came across with an email this morning promoting the new EP from a band called Arcturon, which to date was pretty unknown to me. Arcturon welcomes us from Switzerland. They are presently celebrating their 10th year anniversary in the scene, besides offering us with a brand new EP release entitled ‘Expect Us’.

Speaking about the band’s sound, they stand for modern melodic death metal with some remarkable yet influential Dark Tranquillity, and Scar Symmetry vibe. Unlike most acts, Arcturon held a personality of their own, blending progressive to technical guitar riffing that somehow often slightly resounds to melodic black metal alá Dissection (if you take a careful listen to their sound, the essence, it’s there) with blasting to mid-paced drumming and layered bass lines, all gathered together with uni-sounds vocalizations, occasionally raspy yet perfectly disputable I dare say.

Considering the band was formed 10 years ago when both founding members Florian Moritz (guitar player) and Samuel Fisher (drum player) were merely 14 years old, Arcturon survive against all the obstacles set in their way to in early 2007 released their first demo, the ‘Breaking Walls’ that quickly gained them some worthy attention by earning a considerable amount of support from the scene, this not to mention the closely following of some giants such as infamous Six Feet Under, mythological Nile, folks Finntroll and blasphemously hatred Belphegor.

Their debut studio record was entitled ‘The Eight Thorns Conflict’, an album which was taped at the legendary Abyss Studios in Sweden, while produced by Jonas Kjellgren (known for his involvement with Hypocrisy, Scar Symmetry, and Sonic Syndicate). ‘The Eight Thorns Conflict’ was released in 2010, followed by a European tour in which Arcturon honorable played side by side with mystical darkened Rotting Christ and progressive, technical architects Omnium Gatherum.

Their second studio full-length album, ‘An Old Storm Brewing’ was also registered at the Abyss Studios under the supervision of Jonas Kjellgren and released by Supreme Chaos Records.

As for my comment regarding a vaguely yet close sonority to Dissection, even if gently overshadowed, you may confirm or not my statement by taking heed to their track ‘In Lockstep’, and I might add some Dimmu Borgir alike vocals at a certain level. To contradict you even more, ‘This Is The Plan’ quite often reminded me of Swedish melodic death metallers Gardenian. All in all, I couldn’t be more pleased to have them featured in our pages, as Arcturon clearly shown to be a highly top-notch act to keep your ears deep pierced into their uniqueness.


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