Sick Of It All to protest ‘The Last Act Of Defiance’

Sick Of It All

Releasing an album is always an accomplishment, hours and hours of hard work that finally capitalized in a new studio album, that is what Sick Of It All must have felt today when they announced the releasing date of their new album ‘Last Act Of Defiance’ which will be on September 29th in Europe, Australia and New Zeland, September 30th in North America through Century Media Records.

Sick Of It All’s ‘The Last Act Of Defiance’ was produced Tue Madsen, old friend of the band with whom they have done a solid job in the past:

[blockquote cite=”Armand Majidi”]Not only do we get along famously, but he has always understood how to capture the band’s intensity in the quietly controlled, less-than-intense studio setting . . . It was always difficult for us to find an engineer who could capture our live sound before meeting Tue, so now that we’ve found him, he’s our guy.[/blockquote]

  1. ‘Sound The Alarm’
  2. ‘2061’
  3. ‘Road Less Traveled’
  4. ‘Get Bronx’
  5. ‘Part Of History’
  6. ‘Losing War’
  7. ‘Never Back Down’
  8. ‘Facing The Abyss’
  9. ‘Act Your Rage’
  10. ‘Disconnect Your Flesh’
  11. ‘Beltway Getaway’
  12. ‘Sidelined’
  13. ‘Outgunned’
  14. ‘DNC’

From this new album, according to Armand Majidi, the fans can expect a tight hardcore album, going for the kill, as the artwork for ‘The Last Act Of Defiance’ shows. The artwork was made by Ernie Parada, who seems very keen on the hardcore and punk scene.


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