Ov Sulfur: Darker Than Ever with ‘The Burden Ov Faith’ Album and Video

Alex de Borba

Alex de Borba

Ov Sulfur is a North American blackened deathcore band from Las Vegas, Nevada, consisting of members Ricky Hoover (vocals), Chase Wilson (guitar), Matt Janz (guitar), Ding (bass), and Leviathvn (drums). They have been actively producing music for the past years and have released quite a few singles, such as the EP ‘Oblivion’ released on August 6, 2021, singles ‘Wide Open’ on June 8, 2022, and most recently ‘Stained In Rot’ in October 22nd, 2022.

Speaking about this style of metal, to varied degrees, blackened deathcore is a hybrid of black metal and deathcore. While it is not fundamentally unlike typical deathcore, it does use additional treble and delay in the riffs to give it a “blackened” atmosphere, and it frequently employs symphonic black metal-style keys/synth and shrieked vocals.

Along with the usual deathcore/metalcore inspirations, blackened deathcore bands are frequently influenced by blackened death, classic black, symphonic black metal, and technical death metal performers.

Examples of this fusion genre include Frozen Water Burial and To Kill For. In addition, some bands, such as Abigail Williams, A Hill to Die Upon, and Dark Lay Still, started to play blackened deathcore but have subsequently evolved into blackened death metal.

Ov Sulfur has released a steady stream of songs, ranging from melodic and atmospheric to hard-hitting and heavy. Their debut EP, ‘Oblivion,’ received critical acclaim and served to showcase their ability to create moody and atmospheric songs with heavy, razor-sharp rhythmic sections.

In 2022, Ov Sulfur made the jump to a major label when they signed to Century Media Records, to which they commented: “We are beyond excited to join forces with Century Media (Records), whose stellar roster speaks for itself. They have been at the forefront of every scene, regularly picking up the best each subgenre has to offer right before it really explodes. That they saw promise in us was truly affirming and invigorating, especially after only a year and a bit as a band.”

With the signing, Ov Sulfur have become one of the few independent acts of the genre to make the jump to a major label. The move is sure to bring their music to a much wider audience and has fans of the band anticipating their next release. With their distinct sound, passionate music, and their new label behind them, Ov Sulfur are sure to make a lasting impact in the metal scene.

Ov Sulfur - ‘The Burden Ov Faith’
Ov Sulfur – ‘The Burden Ov Faith’

This year, Ov Sulfur announced the release of their debut album, ‘The Burden Ov Faith,’ on March 24th via Century Media Records. The album is expected to be darker and heavier than their past efforts, and the band has already released two singles from it: ‘Dead to Me’ and ‘Earthen.’ Followers complimented the singles for their powerful energy and engaging ambiance, which displayed the band’s heavier, more aggressive sound.

The album features a handful of guest appearances from metal greats, including Alex Terrible of Slaughter to Prevail, Kyle Media of Bodysnatcher, Howard Jones of Light the Torch and ex-Killswitch Engage, and Lindsay Schoolcraft of ex-Cradle of Filth.

This debut album features a fantastic production that brings the music of Ov Sulfur to life and showcases their unique style and sound. Fans of metal and black metal alike will love this album, so grab a preorder of your copy of ‘The Burden Ov Faith’ on CD now.

‘The Burden Ov Faith’ is a significant achievement for the band. The album was created in collaboration with producer Morgoth Beatz, who has worked with well-known bands such as Winds of Plague and Scarlxrd, and was mixed and mastered by Josh Schroeder, known for his work with Lorna Shore and Tallah.

The album features a unique blend of deathcore, black metal, and metalcore, with former Machine Head guitarist Logan Mader contributing to the guitar and bass recording. We are confident that the album will be a memorable and enjoyable listening experience for fans of all genres.

The opening track of Ov Sulfur’s debut album, ‘The Burden Ov Faith,’ is an intense and powerful start to the album, with the song ‘Stained in Rot’ showcasing lead vocalist Ricky Hoover’s impressive range, including his ability to deliver both powerful singing and guttural vocals.

The album continues to impress with ‘Befouler,’ featuring technical death metal riffing and a catchy chorus, followed by a brutal breakdown featuring guest vocalist Alex Terrible. It is noteworthy that Hoover is able to hold his own alongside notable guest vocalists such as Taylor Barber (Left to Suffer) and Kyle Medina (Bodysnatcher) on the album.

To promote the album and build anticipation, the band have also released their new video single ‘Earthen,’ which features a captivating performance by the band and a great production. The video was directed by Vicente Cordero with aesthetic director MM Fabrications, and has already received thousands of views.

Ricky Hoover commented that: “‘Earthen’ is about my nephew who died from cancer at 16. After failed bone-marrow transplants, he decided to stop and let it take its course. It’s about witnessing that and being there, holding him when he died. That song is very emotional for me… I was actually crying in the studio tracking vocals. We needed the video to capture the sheer tragedy of that situation to really underscore how unfair and unjust it is for any ‘god’ to put a child through something as awful as cancer.”

Guitarist Chase Wilson said, “The guitar lead from this song is the first thing I wrote that ended up on the album, well over a year ago. The song came together quickly after that and has stayed very similar since. As such, it’ll appeal to fans of the ‘Oblivion ‘EP, as well as the newer stuff we’ve been putting out, with the most obvious growth being Ricky’s emotional singing and Leviathvn’s super tasteful drumming. We’re all really proud of this one.”

The future certainly looks bright for Ov Sulfur, and fans are eagerly waiting for the release of ‘The Burden Ov Faith.’ With their melodic sound and heavy-hitting production, Ov Sulfur is sure to make waves in the metal scene in the years to come.

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